There is no Flashpoint: Reverse Flash #2

People are looking for answers about the missing Flashpoint: Reverse Flash #2. The simple answer is: There isn’t one. It was originally solicited as a one-shot, along with Flashpoint: Grodd of War, Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries and Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket, but a misprint on the cover identified it as #1 of 3 instead.

So no, there isn’t a Flashpoint: Reverse Flash #2, or a Flashpoint: Reverse-Flash #3 for that matter. It hasn’t been canceled. It hasn’t been delayed. It wasn’t planned in the first place.


3 thoughts on “There is no Flashpoint: Reverse Flash #2

  1. married guy

    huh. I didn’t even notice the error on the cover!!
    I was disappointed with this. It didn’t forward the story of Flashpoint or the monthly Flash series for that matter, in any way shape or form.

    The saving grace was Kolins on art duties


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