Preview up for Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3

DC has released a preview for Kid Flash Lost #3, concluding the story of Bart Allen lost in time.

In order to catch up to his grandfather, Bart Allen will have to race against the speed force itself. As he is bounced around through time collecting multi-dimensional speed force energy from various members of the Flash family, Bart needs to gain all of the necessary tools to reach Barry in time to deliver a message that could save the universe. But will he be able to reach the world’s last hope for restoration before the speed force catches up to him?

In FLASHPOINT: KID FLASH LOST #3, Bart Allen finally realizes the personal sacrifice he must make in order to save his family and the people he loves. By Sterling Gates, Oliver Nome, Scott Kolins and Trevor Scott, the final issue in this miniseries races into stores on Wednesday.

Gates has said that this series, and issue #3 in particular, is his “love letter to the Flash family.” After seeing the pages, I’m…a little concerned about his definition of “love letter.”

Update: The writer replies on Twitter:!/sterlinggates/status/104736001913651200

Indeed…you should never rely too much on a preview.


6 thoughts on “Preview up for Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost #3

  1. Kyer

    Without seeing the preview I’d have to say that the ad blurb itself gives me a chill. It sound like Bart is a leech.
    First Barry ignores or downright irritates those who love/d him and now Bart is a leech?

    Going to go see this preview if I can get it to show up.

  2. kyer

    Okay…seen it. Glad it stopped where it did because I sure as h didn’t want to f see anymore than I already did.

    Did I mention in this site’s commentary before now how I’ve noticed that Flashpoint is being used as the DC writer’s excuse to mass murder beloved characters left right and center? It’s like they asked themselves….”Can we go all out and gut everything dear to our readers right before the curtain call?” and DC Editorial said “Yes, you may because we are so done with our original creations so you may break them into little gory bits.”

    Is this a male thing? Because I love my male sibling…he’s really one of the most kindest people I know. But I do recall as a young girl that he and our cousins took great delight in destroying ship models that they’d spent painstaking days creating the year before. To this day I can not grasp why they didn’t just give them to younger kids in the neighborhood if they didn’t want them anymore. I still can’t bring myself to ask him so I’m asking they guys out there…is this a male thing?

    I’m going to go cry now. I don’t want to, but the screen is getting kind of blurry regardless and I don’t know what else to say other than I’m buying only books that were put out before 2007. This generation of writers…these people who could do this…choose this route for the last show of the DC I knew…I don’t want to know them anymore. I don’t want to meet them or see their future works.


  3. cm22

    I’m down about this book in general, Flash in general, and DC in general, and from the preview it definitely is hard to see how it’s a love letter, but hey it’s a preview.

    I will say it does say something about Gates that heactually acknowledges and uses Max’s identity of Windrunner is awesome. A lot of writers probably would have taken the easy way out and just used Max as Ma Mercury at some other more commonly known point in his career. But Gates actually dug out the origin identity (which to my knowledge has only ever been mentioned and shown ONCE), so ya know what, good for him.

  4. Ken O.

    That’s a pretty bleak preview, I’m looking forward to see how it all plays out. I wonder what Bart is going to do with all that extra Speed Force.

    1. Kyer

      If he’s wise he’ll use it to book it to Marvel or an Indie.

      Please don’t anyone tell me it’s only previews. Look at what happened in Citizen Cold alone. Add on the gruesome bastardization of Plaz… I loath Flashpoint and the road that led to it. 🙁


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