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3 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    Am getting really tired of the ‘explanation’ that there can’t be Wally and Barry both because ‘Wally has run his course/his story has been told’ blather. For one thing, that ‘argument’ is contradicted by the retconning of…oh lets just keep it to one example here: Barry Allen. Despite having more issues (now because they’ve made it so since Rebirth) next month Barry will suddenly be younger, free to browse the ‘significant other’ market, and fresher than a day-old daisy. Yet somehow this same cosmic rejuvenation cream couldn’t be applied to Wally because….they didn’t want to bother.

    Barry lost his parents and that made him ‘interesting’.
    I know! Let’s BRING BACK Wally’s parents! That would be loads interesting! We haven’t seen either in ages!

    No can do because…well, Wally’s story has been told, don’t ya know?

  2. Ken O

    This week’s Flash Friday isn’t my strongest post. I needed to vent after getting cornered into a conversation about the television show and being told how I should love it since they talk about all the things I like.

  3. Kyer

    I agree with you, Ken O, on The Big Bang Theory. Saw the clips that you mentioned while looking up Flash on YouTube and thought the running to the GC and speed knocking on the door was hilarious. Came >< close to buying the DVD when the price made me reconsider….why was I risking cash based on five minutes? Good thing because I then made an effort to actually stay up and watch two episodes. GAG! Nothing but sexual innuendo humor. The show actually is a detriment to comic fans if this is how we are represented to the 'public'.


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