Vote: Top DC & Marvel Characters

Comics Should Be Good is doing a new Top 100 Marvel/DC characters poll. List your favorite 10 from each company in order, and they’ll tally all the votes.

When they ran the same poll four years ago, Wally West, Barry Allen, Jay Garrick and Bart Allen all made it into the top 50 DC characters. It’s been a complicated few years for the Flash (to say the least), so it’ll be interesting to see how the audience’s reactions have changed over that time.

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5 thoughts on “Vote: Top DC & Marvel Characters

  1. Brian Cronin

    Who comes out ahead between Barry and Wally will be REALLY interesting. I honestly don’t know yet (haven’t started tallying – I really should, as there have been a TON of votes cast. This is going to be the highest turnout so far by far).

  2. Kyer

    I can’t believe I actually voted….usually avoid these things; buy since DC has snarked me off royally this year, I did it.

    Since I didn’t think it would be allowed to vote for Wally ten times in both DC and Marvel 😛 I voted for everybody I could to do with Wally save for Barry–and that included his dad! Yay, Rudolph! Go! 😉
    If only this poll were put out by DC itself.

  3. Kyer

    Yes, because intentionally or not DC rather brought brought the spotlight to those characters, didn’t they? More evidence that negative publicity is still publicity.


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