Digital “Flash 101” Sale This Weekend

DC Comics has announced a “Flash 101” sale on digital comics. All listed Flash titles will be only 99 cents for 48 hours starting August 13. They don’t say where, but I think it’s safe to assume it’s at ComiXology, because they’re DC’s exclusive online vendor at this point.

And they’ve added a lot more issues.

Up to this point, ComiXology has had everything from Flash: Rebirth onward. Over the last few days, readers have spotted early issues from Wally West’s series, the beginning of Impulse, and a few scattered issues from the Bronze Age. Check out the full list of titles on sale after the jump: 

FLASH Firsts:

  • Flash Comics #1 (first appearance of Jay Garrick, The Golden Age Flash)
  • Showcase #4 (first appearance of Barry Allen, The Flash)
  • The Flash #105 (first appearance of Mirror Master)
  • The Flash #106 (first appearance of Gorilla Grood)
  • The Flash #110 (first appearance of Kid Flash)
  • The Flash #113 (first appearance of The Trickster)
  • The Flash #117 (first appearance of Captain Boomerang)
  • The Flash #125 (first appearance of The Cosmic Treadmill)
  • The Flash #140 (first appearance of Heat Wave)
  • The Flash #155 (first appearance of The Rogues)
  • The Flash #1 (1987 – first appearance of Wally West as The Flash)
  • The Flash #92 (1987 – first appearance of Impulse)

The Fall of Barry Allen:

  • The Flash: Trial of The Flash (series #340-350) – Cary Bates
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #1-12 – Wolfman/Perez

Wally West’s Run:

  • The Return of Barry Allen (#74-70) – Mark Waid [Also, I assume that’s a typo and they meant #74-79]
  • Terminal Velocity (#0, 95-100) – Mark Waid
  • Emergency Stop (#130-135) – Grant Morrison/Mark Millar
  • Wonderland (#164-169) – Geoff Johns
  • Blood Will Run (#170-176) – “
  • Rogues (#177-182) – “
  • Run Riot and Blitz (#192-200) – “

The Return of Barry Allen:

  • Flash: Rebirth #1-6
  • Blackest Night: Flash #1-3
  • Dastardly Death of the Rogues (#1-7)
  • Reverse Flash Spotlight (#8)
  • Prelude to Flashpoint (#9-12)

Flashpoint – Everything will Change:

  • Flashpoint #1

The list doesn’t include the eight pre-Rebirth issues that are already up (Flash vol.1 #209,211,212,215 and Flash vol.2 #15-18), or Impulse.

The 101 issues do include the entire Rebirth era, a number of classic Silver Age Barry Allen issues, the Trial of the Flash (though not the build-up, which you’ll have to get in the Showcase Presents…TPB for now), two major Wally West stories by Mark Waid, one by Grant Morrison & Mark Millar, and almost half of Geoff Johns’ Wally West run (with the curious omission of Crossfire)


9 thoughts on “Digital “Flash 101” Sale This Weekend

  1. Wayne Lippa

    Awesome!! I don’t think I’ll be downloading any of these issues, but I’m glad to see a whole bunch more Flash issues will soon be available. I’m a bit surprised that they wouldn’t have Final Crisis available under the “Return of Barry Allen” banner, since that’s where he actually came back. Maybe it’s not ready to be digitalized yet (although they’ve got FC #1 available for free).

  2. kyer

    Well, it’s all Wally issues that are available on old trades, but still….considering the ad’s verbiage…this is surprising. Get up to speed….including on Wally West…when there isn’t going to be a Wally West in just a few more weeks let alone those stories exist in continuity anymore?

    I’m confoozilated.

  3. Michael Kramer

    wahoo…….well, at least they have some non-johns Wally stories.

    btw I found a Flash board that doesn’t seem very busy it’s here at
    It’s very quite and doesn’t look like like it’s had any action in the past few months (Aside from a welcome aboard by the mod I haven’t heard a peep out of anyone. Hope to see some of you there.

  4. Savitar

    That’s terrific. I’d just come across those additions of the Bronze Age and four Wally West issues last night. It’s encouraging to see their adding to the overall Flash volume.

    They need to add more of the Baron/Messner-Loeb run. They do that, I’ll be downloading like crazy.

  5. Chris

    Just participated in that, I was happy to see alot of Wally’s run as the flash in there. I bought about 9 issues, Mostly the “Return of Barry Allen” arc; and the first issue of Wally’s role as the flash. Can’t wait to read these on my phone 😀

  6. West

    Wow. Way to be on top of things, Kelson. I was just going to tip you about this. Considering how early it must be where you are.

    I’m going to seriously consider these. The format’s too cool to ignore.

    Is ComiXology on Android?

  7. Savitar

    Yeah, I got it on Android.

    Downloaded the issues I’ve been missing from the Trial of Flash run, plus the first appearance of Jay (because, after all this time, I’ve never read it)

    May download some of Morrison’s run.

    Overall, very good deal.


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