Kid Flash vs. Superboy on the Teen Titans #5 Cover

Over the NYCC weekend, DC unveiled the Teen Titans #5 cover. Artist Brett Booth points out that it’s not Kid Flash’s final costume.!/Demonpuppy/status/125668066087546880

In addition to Bart Allen, Brett Booth has also been drawing Wally West a lot lately (for fun, not for any official comics), and spoke with Speed Force last week. Update: And now he’s posted a Max Mercury sketch.


4 thoughts on “Kid Flash vs. Superboy on the Teen Titans #5 Cover

  1. Eyz

    Looks like a pretty odd mix between a regular Flash costume, Bat’s Impulse look and Kid Flash from the Young Justice cartoon.
    Odd 😛

  2. Kyer

    No! Maaaaaxxxx! The link isn’t working. I get a shot of his old Flash picture along with a link that Twitter says it can’t find. :'(

    Wish he was still taking commissions. I would love to have a picture of Justice Riders ‘The Kid’ Wally West running beside Max as Windrunner. That would have been cool. At the very least it would have been a great sequel to that book.


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