NYCC 2011 Flash Action Figure News and Pics

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For those that haven’t heard yet there were some pics shown off at New York Comic Con this past weekend of the “New 52” action figures coming up from DC Direct next year. As expected there were a few pictures shown of the new Flash action figure; TNI and Toy Ark have the goods:

As strongly as I feel about the New DCU I have to say these figures are shaping up to look great. Jim Lee’s designs look a million times better in action figure form than they have so far in the comic universe (not a sleight against Manapul because of what I’ve seen the man is rocking the Flash; I’m even thinking about picking up the trade). The details in my opinion don’t stand out as being so busy in this form but that may have to do with the absence of the glowing Tron-like lines on the figure.

I really can’t wait until Mattel lets us see the prototypes of the figures that you know are in the works and what design differences the Four Horsemen bring to the table. I’ve been a DC Direct fan for years and overall I prefer DC Direct’s sculpts and articulation but over the last few releases from Mattel I’ve been starting to really dig the Four Horseman’s work. I also can’t wait until we see the last few Flash-related releases from Mattel before the rebranding and reshuffling of their line:

Sure they are both repaints and yeah I really don’t see the point of releasing a Flash figure of a costume we have only seen in one panel yet again but I’m really digging that Zoom.  Nice that they decided to include his lightning rod from Flash: Rebirth. Yeah we’ve only seen that a couple of times too but it is nice to get an accessory once in a while with a Flash figure. Now all we need is a Cosmic Treadmill.

What do you all think of the updated pictures of the new 52 Flash?

As usual thanks for reading and a special “Thank You” to Josh Boman.

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8 thoughts on “NYCC 2011 Flash Action Figure News and Pics

    1. Devin Post author

      Same. That figure is fantastic especially the sculpt. Unfortunately it overshadows the rather vanilla Flashpoint Flash they released a few months back.

  1. Kyer

    DCnU Flash:

    I dunno….somehow the ‘lines’ actually work better in the comic panels than they do in the sculpt. Especially at the shoulders and skull where it looks like Barry was in such a hurry he forgot to iron his top after sleeping in his costume: major wrinkle city. 😛

    Oh, Ollie. I still can’t believe they got rid of his beard. The new, younger, Green Arrow just isn’t as impressive without his give-away-the-secret-I.D. goatee. As for Superman, they really need to consider adding some red swatches to his private sector (so to speak). Not the briefs…maybe some Kryptonian symbols along the hips. *Something* to get rid of that vast expanse of just blue.

      1. Kelson

        I was thinking about that a few weeks ago, and I think I’ve figured out why it works better for the Flash than for Superman: there’s a lot more contrast between the red and yellow than between the blue and red.

        Convert the costumes to grayscale, preserving luminescence, and the Flash is gray with a white belt, while Superman is gray with a gray belt.

  2. married guy

    The AzBats figure looks fantastic.
    So does the Jay Garrick and yes, the new Barry design too!

    I’m glad I live in Australia when I see this stuff. If I lived in the US, I would be flat broke, living in a broken down car, drowning in action figures!!


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