T-Shirt: Flash Drive (No Longer Available)

It’s been a while since we wrote about TeeFury, but they’ve got another Flash-themed shirt available for one day only.

The design by Wenceslao A Romero is only available until midnight EST, so if you want one, buy it today.

On a related note, while Mimobot has the current license for actual DC Comics-inspired flash drives, they’ve been sticking with the Batman and Green Lantern characters for now. You’d think someone over there would see the inherent appeal of a Flash flash drive.


One thought on “T-Shirt: Flash Drive (No Longer Available)

  1. Kyer

    Maybe the company wanted to do a Wally West Flash Flash drive but DC ed wouldn’t allow it so…stand off. -_-;;

    Cute tees. Don’t know about the buck teeth part though.


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