Media Blitz!: “The World of the Flash” at IGN (UPDATED w/ Newsarama Exclusive)

Flash co-writers Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato are featured in a new interview at IGN, where they discuss the recent developments in Flash’s powers, new antagonist Mob Rule and the role the twin cities of Keystone and Central will play in their series.

Posted on Wednesday, the same day as the release of new issue #3, the interview is spoiler-free and delves deeply into the collaboration between Manapul and Buccellato.

UPDATE: The two also spoke with Newsarama about the ending to issue #3.  After it was originally posted, an exclusive image from Flash#5 was added to the article.  Check it out after the jump…

Though it doesn’t contain specific spoilers (the focus of the Newsarama piece), the IGN interview does address the events of issue #3, the revelations of issue #2 and the advent of Flash’s super-speed cognition:

Buccellato: Issue #3 has a reveal of what the downside to that power is. We’re not really taking it to a place where it’s going to affect him personally in his relationships. It’s not going to be like his speed brain disconnects him from Patty or Iris or anything like that. We’re taking a different road with it so you’re just going to have to read issue #3 and it will make more sense what the downside is.

Manapul: Yeah read issue #3. And that said, these things are still evolving; nothing is set in stone. It’s still evolving and issue #3 reveals a lot of it’s down side and beyond that, well I don’t know what’s deadlier than what happens in issue #3.

The two also discuss their approach to building Flash’s home, and the environment in which he functions:

Manapul: As we were writing the story it just became necessary for us to build this world around Barry. It just helps us dictate the backstory and the richness of the culture that they have in Central and Keystone. We’re really playing up the fact that the city itself actually reflects the journey that the Flash had. Many readers are familiar with how Barry became the Flash, but not many are familiar with how Central and Keystone City came to be. It gives us an opportunity to expand the world around him and really build it up and make it more meaningful.

Buccellato: It’s literally world building for the Flash. And we also have plans for where the city is going to go. So in order to show where it’s going we need to show where it came from. Plus we have a cool story to tell.

For more on the plotting of Flash and insight into the collaboration, as well as the unique dynamic between the two creators, make sure to head over to IGN.  Once you’re done, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll need to run out and pick up Flash #3, in stores now!


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