The Greatest Flash/Barry Allen Stories Ever Told

The results are in! Comics Should Be Good has posted the top ten greatest Barry Allen stories ever told, as chosen by the blog’s readers.

The breakdown is interesting:

  • 6 Silver-Age stories
  • 2 Bronze-Age stories (one of which is the Death of Iris Allen storyline which Greg has heavily annotated here)
  • Crisis on Infinite Earths #8
  • 1 Secret Origins tale

Both the Flash’s origin tale and his death make the list…and the Secret Origins story retells both (and links them together)!

The writer breakdown is also interesting, especially when compared with the more focused results of the Wally West poll last year:

  • 3 John Broome
  • 2 Gardner Fox
  • 2 Cary Bates
  • 1 Robert Kanigher
  • 1 Marv Wolfman
  • 1 Robert Loren Fleming

Also neat: “Flash of Two Worlds” made both this list and the greatest Gardner Fox stories list a few weeks ago!


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