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You get a giant-sized linkblogging post this weekend, since I was out of town last week.

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  • Francis Manapul is growing a mustache for Movember (not a typo) to raise money to fight prostate cancer. Help sponsor him today!
  • US readers: Congress is still debating a bill that would open the door to censoring the internet. Speed Force participated in American Censorship Day this past Wednesday to highlight the cause. Read about the Stop Online Piracy Act (which won’t do anything of the sort) and Protect-IP Act, then write!
  • Lots of people want to write a novel. National Novel Writing Month helps them do it. I’ve participated in the event twice, and actually finished a 50,000 page word novel one year (though it’s a long way from being polished enough to share with anyone.) Help keep the program going by donating today!
  • The Spam Primer (run by the author of This Is True) is worth a look. It’s a quick run-down of how spammers operate, how spam-fighting works, and what you can do to keep junk out of your mailbox.

Also, remember that Speed Force is now on Google Plus.


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