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  1. Kyer

    **Flash Movie Plotting: Considering all, I highly doubt DC is going to look at any movie arc from a ‘legacy’ angle. They have made it very clear that they are putting all of their money on Barry’s Flash…Wally fans bedamned.

    **Flash Movie: Any movie whether of Barry, Wally, or Jay Garrick should center on the character as much as speed special effects. Look at what happened to The Phantom Menace where the acting was so wooden (in character for Jedi, but utterly dull to watch.) That said, I want to see me some Speed Force! (This is all hinging on them not turning it into a R-rated CSI gore fest.)

    **Brett’s Designs: were cool. I don’t know what DC’s problem is.

    **DC Book Cancellations: I can’t believe that they are already cancelling books after just four issues (or less?) Can you imagine how far Wally’s Flash would have gotten if they’d have cancelled Baron’s Flash after just four issues? We’d never have seen Messner-Loeb’s run let alone Waid’s or John’s. This is one reason why I’m a bit leery of getting back into comics: it’s not whether I like the book or not, it’s whether the correct guesstimates are made by retailers months in advance of #1 even hitting the shelves.

    **Hostess: Oh, the fond memories of dad driving us down to the local Hostess division to buy a treat. Man, (considers her health now) I wish he hadn’t have done that…

    **Mimobots: Here’s my comment to them:
    STILL no *The Flash* Flash drive?! Where ARE your marketing people? *slaps forehead* I don’t even have a need for one, but I want one. WANT ONE BAD! So lay some poor smuck of a plain flash drive out in the development lab next to some colorful chemicals and let lightning do it’s job already! I want a “running Flash” drive! 😀

    Go forth, fellow Flash fans, and deposit your own anguished thoughts in their Comment section!

  2. JohnnyWellens

    Wow, I really really disliked that guys Flash trilogy. It sounds like someone who just learned about The Flash trying to put a trilogy together. Zoom and Savitar teaming up for the first movie? Sounds terrible. It’s totally his opinion, but he sounds like Bryan Singer on X-Men. He pops in and changes many things in order for the characters to be what he wants them to be instead of what they are. The Rogues HAVE to be a part of movies. It would suck any other way. No Zoom should be the first villain, he’s a 3rd movie villain all the way. You need to build up to him. Introduce him in 2 and cut him loose in 3. He can’t wait to get every single idea out there as fast as possible. Slow down homie.

      1. JohnnyWellens

        Sorry, should have had Superman Returns in there too, ha ha. They were overall enjoyed by the public. But anyone who’s ever picked up an X-Men comic, or even looked them up on Wikipedia, can tell you that Bryan Singer ripped them apart so they would fit his idea of the team. I would rather them make no Flash movie than butcher it the way Bryan Singer did to X-Men and Superman. Zack Snyder has set the bar high by being as faithful to the source material as possible and his movies are not only popular but also really really good.

  3. Lee H

    Zoom would be a terrible villain choice for the first Flash film. The “evil twin” scenario works a lot better when we’ve seen the adventures of the real deal first.

    I still insist that Weather Wizard would be ideal. He’s a long established foe, one of the most credible opponents for the Flash and perfect for big special effects scenes. The lightning from Flash’s origin could even be tied into early weather wand experiments.

    1. Kyer

      I remember reading review complaints that GL’s villain was too reminiscent of the villain in Fantastic Four 2…ie a big storm cloud. So maybe not Weather Wizard if they are afraid of comparisons.

      Maybe Captain Cold if they go the DCnU route of meta Rogues. Otherwise several Rogues together maybe in something akin to Crossfire with each Rogue operating separately and at the end of the movie deciding to band together. In fact, they might have the Rogues band together as the result of a cameo from a Batman villain invading Central City. Noticed this was something they failed to do in Green Lantern: tie the movie universes together if only with a cameo like Marvel has done.

  4. flashfan

    In all honesty, I hope that they never make a Flash movie. DC movies tend to suck. Except for the newest Batman movies, but I watched them before I started reading comics, and have avoided them since.

    It sucks, because seeing the Marvel movies, and the lead up to the Avengers, I know the *potential* DC has. In saying that, I havn’t read any Marvel comics, but generally, I think the fans have been pretty happy.

    I just don’t want to experience that utter disappointment I felt when watching GL.. Also, I wanted Ryan Reynolds to play Flash, and that dream has now been squashed.

    1. Kyer

      After 2007 I think hoping for Ryan Reynolds or anyone playing Wally West was a pipe dream…we just weren’t in the know that this was the case.

      I’m also not a big Marvel fan having only watched their movies on TV or (lately) DVD and the early X-men animated. Taking more of a liking for Cyclops than Wolverine means that Marvel often doesn’t have anything to offer me. (Eh…of course of late the same could be said of my deteriorating relationship with DC for similar reasons.)

      Yeah, having watched GL directly after having my socks knocked off by the Thor disk…GL was doubly disappointing. They should have stuck with a Corps story and for goodness sake get some space special effects that were better than something you’d have found back in 1989. Seriously, they need to hire a better special effects company to do their work if the plots are going to be so lame.

      1. flashfan

        The worst part of the GL movie, for me, was his mask! I just couldn’t get over how… plasticy and lame it looked. Laughed every time I saw it! The whole thing, for me, was like a fan movie… Actually, I’ve seen better fan made movies!
        DC should just give up.. honestly.

  5. Eyz

    ‘been seeing a lot of these nice interesting redesigns of Wally around.
    This one’s kinda odd, but could work!
    Which would be already better than what DC’s doing with Wally at the moment (huh…”nothing” :P)

    Nice pitch for a Flash movie! Could work!
    I would love to see the scarlet speedster in a big budget blockbuster~

    I still have my doubts concerning DC’s whole reboot of their lineup…but who knows…is it really that “definitive”? I mean, in one year, no more no less, will this current DCU still be in place, re-reimagined again, or reverted back to its pre-Flashpoint state?

  6. The Baconator

    I miss Wally. Barry is ok but I wish he stayed dead. Because he was dead, it made what Barry did to save the universe more meaningful. And so most of us got used to Wally and loved him as the Flash. And DC brought Barry back…..why? No reason. And now us Wally fans are left in our chair wondering…”what the heck happened?”


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