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3 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    What would I accept? Wally as a superhero with his personality intact. I don’t care if they change his costume or tweak his power set as long as I recognize *Wally*, he’s awesome even if the personality reverts back to the post college one (heh) and Linda shows up also with the same brains and being his mate for life. Best would be having as close the original as possible even without Barry….though I’ll forever pine for those missed Barry/Wally/Max/Jay/Bart camaraderie shots.

    That mug is awful. It reminds me of Venom of Spiderman and that goopy black creature in early Star Trek: TNG. Gives me the willies. Agree with the mousepad: “Barry, I’m sorry, but I’m *going* to read fanfic no matter what the rating if your nephew is in it. That’s the way it is.” The Coaster Set: Nice. I only drink tea and don’t need coasters, but…nice. Only is that legal? I mean, isn’t it a bit crazy to do something illegal in order to get a character who stands for justice?

    Covers: Man, Power Girl would have been pushing the envelope on that cover (with just her breasts alone.) *sigh* Oh…oh….that Young Justice cover….I wants it, My Precious! (and I don’t even particularly like kid characters.)

    Only Five Things the 52 did wrong? What kind of crazy, math were they using? 😛

    Sales stats: Oh dear. Maybe this is the reason they are dropping the CSI story for a Rogue story?

  2. Kyer

    I really shouldn’t be doing taxes while looking at this site. If it weren’t for math, I’d not have accidentally scrolled past that joke Aztek cover and failed to mention the sheer awesomeness of it.

  3. Eyz

    I’m already expecting DC to sell as much TPBs as they can with these Watchmen prequels.. Don’t expect a big omnibus-style book. More like Blacke$t Night, loads of ’em.


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