Flash Sales for February

February estimates at ICv2 have The Flash #6 selling an estimated 68,061 copies, down 5% from the previous month. Given the high profile of the relaunch and the usual trend of series to shed readers over time, it’s hard to say what the numbers really tell us…but the drops are shrinking, the rankings are steady at #8, and it’s still ahead of the 57K sold by Flash vol.3 #6 and the 55K mark where volume 3 settled.


Issue Rank Month Units Sold % Change
Flash vol.4
Flash v.4 #1 4 September 2011 129,260
Flash v.4 #2 5 October 2011 114,137 -11.7%
Flash v.4 #3 9 November 2011 90,417 -20.8%
Flash v.4 #4 8 December 2011 77,336 -14.5%
Flash v.4 #5 8 January 2012 71,611 -7.4%
Flash v.4 #6 8 February2012 68,061 -5.0%

It’s worth noting that we’ve had seven issues in a row with no delays and no creative team changes.

Update: I forgot to mention that, like last month, Flash didn’t appear in the digital top 10.

A few key articles covering past sales (with lots of numbers):

*What these numbers measure: US-only sales, wholesale from Diamond to comics retailers. They don’t count sales through bookstores, they don’t count international sales, and they don’t count how many copies were actually bought and read…but they do measure the same thing every month, which means they can be used to spot trends.


4 thoughts on “Flash Sales for February

  1. Kyer

    From the scans I keep finding I think I love about 90% of the new Flash and want to buy the trade, but doing so would go against my principles and they mean a lot to me. May be an emotional whackjob, but hypocrisy is something I won’t stand for. (Still mad as heck at DC Ed.)

    On the other hand, I’m no longer anywhere near so sure I want to see Wally relaunched seeing as I’m not really thrilled so far with a lot of the relaunched characters I used to like so much.

    So do I preorder/buy The Flash trades or continue to wait in the hope that someone decent will be allowed to bring Wally back and not be told to screw it six ways from Sunday?

    Tis a puzzlement.

  2. TheFlashisanascarfan

    I truly believe that having Wally back in comics in any way besides being a villain would be very welcome by everybody, and I believe it will improve sales. Wouldn’t it be absolutely wild if a Wally comeback issue outsold the vol. 4 #1?

  3. Jon Q. Citizen

    @Kelson….YOU ARE THE MAN! Takes some work to put these charts together and track #’s….Thanks!

    @Kyler….Well, I hope you’re young. If you have to wait the length of time it took to bring back Barry for Wally’s return….You will be old. I liked Wally, but I try not to hold it against Barry…or the wonderfully talented creative team (Manapul & Booch) producing the best title in DC right now.

    @TheFlashisanascarfan….don’t see that happening. Would be great to have two Flash on-goings, I would buy them both!

  4. Sam

    Sales are supposed to keep steady at 40% of #1’s sales. Looks like its starting to be stable. With the great efforts of Brian and Francis, this would be a comic that would go on for a long time.


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