Speed Reading: Catching Up

I’ve gotten a bit behind in these linkblogging round-ups, so I’m breaking the backlog up into categories. Here’s the first chunk of Flash-focused links from the last few weeks.

Flash and Others…

And finally, a reminder from @SpeedsterSite:


One thought on “Speed Reading: Catching Up

  1. Kyer

    I want a DC Lego movie. The sheer cuteness of those things could kill Darkseid. As for a Flash Lego…hey they made toys where he had roller skates or a car! You could always throw the stupid accessory aside and just keep Flash.

    I looked at those Angry Birds and immediately saw Barry, Wally, and Bart. It is so pathetic that the Angry Birds people can do a Flash Family (of sorts), but DC cannot.

    Hey, hey, hey! Do not diss the Flash N’ Chains wallet. I love that sucker. Would rather *know* that I have not forgotten my wallet rather than have it slip out and get picked up by some opportunistic Rogue with a grudge because they are not on a wallet. Besides, the embossing is way cool.

    Have not read the other links yet, but love the “lousy scientists” line. Kudos sight unseen just for that.


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