WonderCon: Flash Hats

Flash Hats
Hats spotted at WonderCon.


5 thoughts on “WonderCon: Flash Hats

  1. Kyer

    That Peruvian-style Flash hat looks meaner The Grouch! Like: “I’m The Flash, man! I’m gonna beat ya up and ya’re grandma too, man!”

    I’m just gonna go….hide over here. Behind something.

  2. Kyer

    Gads. My eyes keep going to that danged hat and its like having The Hulk stare you down.


    Seriously, you wanna cut down on website traffic some days..paste that sucker at the header. It will scare everyone into hitting the Back Key.

    “Lordy, Kelson must be in a bad mood today. Let’s go check out the Flying Magical Sugar Unicorn site instead.”

  3. Savitar

    Ooh, I want a Flash beanie hat! 🙂

    My son would love the one with the flaps. Seems to be the rage these days.

    Hopefully they’ll have these at HeroesCon this year.


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