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WonderCon 2012 Weekend

Captain America and BuckyWonderCon’s first year in Anaheim was a lot of fun despite the rain and wind. I actually enjoyed it more than the last one I attended in San Francisco (WonderCon 2010). Partly that’s because a lousy trip into SF soured my mood, and partly it’s because I spent all three days at the con this year, but it’s also because this year’s con had everything I’ve come to expect at a WonderCon, with more space, so the crowds never got unbearable.

Bane: Free ShrugsThere was a very strong comic book focus to the con, maybe not so much as at Long Beach, but all the major comics publishers were there, plus many of the minor ones. I was surprised to find webcomics wrapped around the large-press area and not hidden off in a corner. The small press and Artist’s Alley areas were huge (especially when compared to Wizard’s Comic Con in the same hall two years ago). And there were comic book dealers all over the place.

The only real complaint I had about the layout was that it seemed a bit haphazard. Marvel, IDW, and DC were front and center, but Studio Foglio and the Winner Twins were stuck in between IDW and DC. Zenescape was off in a corner rather than being clustered with fellow indies Archaia, Aspen and Avatar. And when I say the comic dealers were all over the place, I mean scattered all over the place….

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WonderCon Day 3 Photos / Steampunk Flash

Steampunk Flash
Steampunk Flash. We actually did a feature about his costume last year by the costumers who made it.

My full set of WonderCon 2012 photos are up, from Friday through Sunday. Sunday was really different than the first two days for three reasons:

  • We brought our son along (it was his first comic-con). Having a toddler with you really changes what you can do, how you get around, how quickly you can get around, etc. He had a great time looking at people and displays, and playing with demo toys.
  • We got in late and were stuck parking waaay out at Angel Stadium. (On Friday I actually parked in the convention center lot.)
  • I forgot to drink water and ended up thoroughly exhausted and dehydrated after only four hours at the con.

Seriously: Drink water. Especially if you end up eating salty food because it’s what’s available and you can eat it fast. You’re walking around for hours, and if you’re spending multiple days at a con, you can wear yourself out easily. That’s especially bad if you have a long drive home at the end.

Full convention write-up coming soon, Monday if I can make the time. [Update: it’s here, and it’s linked!]

WonderCon: Marv Wolfman & Brian Buccellato

Marv Wolfman and Brian Buccellato
Marv Wolfman and Brian Buccellato signing at the DC Comics booth.

The first round of my WonderCon photos are up on Flickr.

There wasn’t really any Flash news today. Someone asked about a Superman/Flash race at the DC All Access panel, and they said that there were no current plans, but all Flash questions should be directed to Dan Didio at a later panel.

Now to get some sleep before day two!

Speed Force Plans for WonderCon

Convention CurvesI’ll be attending WonderCon this weekend in Anaheim, California. This will be my fourth visit to WonderCon, though the last few were all up in its usual San Francisco location.

I considered liveblogging some of the DC panels, but decided I didn’t want to lug around the laptop, and I can’t type fast enough on the phone to really do a liveblog justice.

Here’s what I will be doing online:

  • Posting on Twitter at @SpeedForceOrg. Keep an eye on that stream for updates. If Dan Didio announces something like Pandora is actually Wally West, you’ll hear it there first.
  • Posting photos on Flickr, nightly if I have time, or by the end of the weekend. (Here are my galleries of photos from past conventions.)
  • Run-down of Flash news & photos here on the blog, again daily if I have time (and if there’s news!), or else at the end of the weekend.

More: Past convention coverage (write-ups, photos and more).