WonderCon: Marv Wolfman & Brian Buccellato

Marv Wolfman and Brian Buccellato
Marv Wolfman and Brian Buccellato signing at the DC Comics booth.

The first round of my WonderCon photos are up on Flickr.

There wasn’t really any Flash news today. Someone asked about a Superman/Flash race at the DC All Access panel, and they said that there were no current plans, but all Flash questions should be directed to Dan Didio at a later panel.

Now to get some sleep before day two!


4 thoughts on “WonderCon: Marv Wolfman & Brian Buccellato

  1. Kyer

    Seriously….asking Didio about Flash unless it’s about Barry? It’s either going to be a ‘no’, a non-answer, or an insulting non-answer. It’s a big a waste of time as asking a political candidate just how they plan to run the office once they’re in. (Promises VS Fact)

    DC Elite no longer have anything to say that I care to hear (or see.) More interested in what sort of fun the *fans* come up with by way of costumes.

    Unless it’s to say that Earth-2 as well as the whole Wally West fiasco as presented so far was part of an elaborate April Fool’s Day Joke to be cleared up on April 2nd.

  2. Kyer

    Best WTF? costumes: Tardis Girls and Abe. Unless that was the old superhero Abe Lincoln?

    I do hope the guy with the Mother Of All Camera Lenses answered Lobell’s question by turning away from his camera long enough to give the panel a dead-pan stare, say in a serious voice “Yes.” Then return to looking through that thing. It’s what I would have done.

  3. Savitar

    I thought the TARDIS Girls looked great. 😀

    Loved the Colonial Warrior (BSG) amidst the X-Wing Pilots. Also loved the girl Green Lantern.

    Abe Lincoln with an Axe? Sounds like the next cult film classic.

    1. Kyer

      As long as it’s not a spoof of The Shining. (Some things need to remain sacred [gosh, dangit!] and Honest Abe is one of ’em.)


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