Flash #9 Variant Cover by Tony Daniel

DC has released the variant cover to Flash #9 (the Gorilla City issue) by Tony Daniel, inked by Sandu Florea and colored by Tomeu Morey.


5 thoughts on “Flash #9 Variant Cover by Tony Daniel

  1. Kyer

    Overall I like it. (Although that could be because the eye holes are so small plus with the white eyes…that it almost looks like Wally.)

    One thing I don’t think I’m ever going to love, though, is the ‘magma’ look of the fault lines. I keep getting this chilly feeling that Flash is going to break apart at the seams. This is true with all the artists.
    I have too active of an imagination. :0

    1. Stephen

      I’m liking the variant cover and the devious smile on Barry’s face makes me think that he’s got something sneaky planned. The ‘magma’ look is supposed to make him appear like he’s in constant motion, hence why they light up when he moves.

      1. Kyer

        Oh, I get that and I’ve always been one whose loved the lightning show some artists do when Flash runs. It’s the glowing cracks of the uniform seams that put me more in mind of Tar Pit or bad horror film monsters.


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