Speed Reading

Two weeks’ worth of linkblogging.

First, the Flashy links

Flash writers’ other work

More comics links

Creators’ Rights. This is an ongoing discussion, but here are a few key posts.


10 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Eyz

    A Wally West cameo’s better than no Wally in my book 😛
    As for the Rogue’s powers now… I still don’t think it makes for better stories. In the long run, it will become way more repetitive than before! Some story possibilities are lost this way..

  2. kyer

    Gads those paintings/comics! I love the tongue-in-cheek ones. The last with Optimus Prime…no, the one with Aquaman…I can’t pick a favorite!

    Should heroes retire? Yep…if it garners more artwork like that one with Batman wanting to watch TV instead of risking life and limb. I want that one framed. In front of my TV.

    Read that review on Avengers and frankly don’t understand the stink. It wasn’t a bad review. She didn’t hate the film and slash it into little bitty ribbons. What’s the problem with these people?

    Wow. It’s now a bit amazing to me that this website’s comments are as good as they are seeing what some other sites are getting. For instance, that person who wrote about why they like comics got some idiot getting their feathers ruffled thinking the blogger was *telling* him why the commentator liked comics rather than why the *blogger* liked them and pure conjecture. What is wrong with people? Anyway, for me I’ve always loved art and fantastic universes be they sf or fantasy. Comics meld that together. The worlds of DC and Marvel used to one up books by also giving their worlds a Lord Of The Rings epicness rich with varied characters and history. With that I agree with the Silver Age writer in that the place suffered when they started whole-sale killing of characters starting with COIE and moving on into DCnU. That was like offering guests a global exotic fruit buffet at a wedding and then deciding that ‘nah’ a bunch of bananas and a few apples would do.

    Gotta admit that the preview and artwork for Foster makes me almost wish I didn’t shun the Horror genre. That’s some achievement right there because I really don’t go for grime and gore.

    Boston Con: Okay, now I am freaking angry enough to want to go after Didio with a Nerf Soft-Pellet Paint Gun loaded with Barbie Pink Paint! (Yeah, laugh. For me that is as violent as I come.) Not only did Didio nix Wally’s cameo, he didn’t want Captain Cold to have wear a hood?! Load up the car with gas, boys, I’m a-going shopping at Sherman Williams! Who wants to ride shotgun? X(

  3. Kyer

    Right…managed to get rid of the desire to plaster Didio with Plentiful Pink (for the moment otherwise known as “until he opens his gob again.”)

    I liked the Abscorbascon post. It is far easier to overlook bad art than to suffer through bad writing, but a good world/character concept can trump both awful art and worse writing. Even in Flash, most of the stories from Baron (well, also the pre-COIE Barry ones that I saw) were not great. What I treasure in those stories are not the plots or the artwork but the odd wonderful bits like Wally not wanting to get a hair cut. That scene where he’s wondering why Linda doesn’t like his hair just as it is….that was enough to love that issue. At least it was for me. The rest of the story was kind of boring, but I love that scene. Again, fighting Mongo was a yawner, but then Wally asks the bad guy “Wait…do you have a girlfriend too?” Oh my god I was on the floor. Keeper issue.

    The speed force was best when it was a realm beyond what was known to science. A place that a speedster could get sucked into and spit out into someplace like Wally World. Sort of The Flash’s answer to a Tardis. The should have kept it at that.

  4. Savitar

    1) Didn’t know DC offices overlooked the Ed Sullivan Theater. That’s cool.

    2) Creator’s rights should always be at the forefront in this industry. And no, I won’t be reading BeWa.

  5. Kyer

    If you guys haven’t tried Mark Waid’s free comic site Thrillbent yet I recommend it.
    It has two stories started so far.
    I steered clear of the first as it looked to be a horror story at the first panel, but went ahead and tried Insufferable. Quite liked that one. Am already liking the hero: quiet, unassuming, gallant type one piece of work for a ‘sidekick’. Not a lot of action, but action is not a perquisite for me.

    It’s free. Try it.
    Then if you like it go give a comment like you would tip a waiter who gave you great service because, free. And good. And Mark Waid. What an awesome combination. 🙂

    1. Kelson Post author

      Thanks for the reminder. Even though I’ve been looking forward to it, I’d totally forgotten it was launching today!

      1. Kyer

        A link to the site would be nice. I didn’t do so because it’s your website and linking by guests is not always welcome. (See? I gots *manners*!) 😛


        1. Kyer

          I forgot to add:
          take note of some of the words used in Waid’s story. I’m curious to see if you catch some of the stuff I did.
          hint: a certain speedster may have been alluded to in a couple of ways. Other things as well.


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