Collected Editions Reviews Flashpoint

The Collected Editions blog has been reviewing the Flashpoint trades over the past week. The tie-ins were collected in five trade paperbacks, grouped around one of DC’s big five characters, titled The World of Flashpoint Featuring…

The miniseries less directly related to the major characters were spread around the other books, some thematically and some apparently at random, but the Flash collection is actually filled with stories focusing on Flash characters: Citizen Cold, Kid Flash Lost, Reverse-Flash, Legion of Doom (starring Heat Wave) and Grodd of War.

The site has also put together a Flashpoint trade reading order.


3 thoughts on “Collected Editions Reviews Flashpoint

    1. Kyer

      Um….because it destroyed a universe of continuity and and turned once treasured heroes into a plethora of homicidal malcontents with no problem ripping out the innards of other used-to-be heroes, watching them drown, slicing and dicing with no end in sight until practically everyone was dead? *blinks*

      Well, that was reason enough for me.

  1. Savitar

    Did any of the tie-in minis feature S.H.A.Z.A.M.?

    Of all the alternate concepts found here, I would like to have read more of this but other than their appearance in the main series, I can’t seem to find out if they appeared elsewhere.

    Which is rather strange when you consider that what happened to Billy was one of the big catalysts for the end to this. Expanding on the group’s characterization would have made that action more emotional and dramatic beyond simply what Diana did to a young kid.


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