Digital Flash in Grant Morrison Sale

ComiXology is running a 99-cent sale on Grant Morrison comics, including the nine issues of The Flash he co-wrote with Mark Millar in the late 1990s.

I think all of these have been available for a while now (several months ago I bought Flash #134, the incredible Jay Garrick solo story, to check out the image quality at the normal $1.99 price), but if you’ve been waiting for a chance to read Wally West in “Emergency Stop” or “The Human Race” for cheap, now’s your chance.

Note: For some reason, the issues aren’t visible right now if you go to the series page. You have to go through the Grant Morrison sale.


2 thoughts on “Digital Flash in Grant Morrison Sale

  1. Kyer


    Slowly but surely…which is kind of sad when you consider this is the Flash series we are talking about. At this rate we’ll all be in Old Rest Home suites by the time they finish putting up everything before DCnU.


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