Better Continuity with Facebook and Twitter

Speed Force has gotten a little more Social. So to speak. We’ve been sending new posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Tumblr for a while, but until now the conversations out on those social networks have been completely separate.

Now, you can comment here using your Facebook or Twitter ID, and have the option of sharing your comments there as well.

Better yet, if you reply to a story on our Facebook page, your comment will appear here too…and replies to your comment here will get copied over to Facebook.

One big conversation instead of three separate ones. (Tumblr’s a different sort of beast, and Google+ is on the radar, but not supported yet.)

Think of it as the worlds of Facebook, Twitter and Speed Force comments merging together, only without Pandora or the Anti-Monitor!

As with any big change, there’s the chance that something could go wrong. If you run into something that isn’t working, please let me know, either by commenting here, mentioning @SpeedForceOrg in a tweet, or emailing speedforce - at - pobox - dot - com


4 thoughts on “Better Continuity with Facebook and Twitter

  1. Kyer

    Okay, either there is a slight problem or I’m not understanding the mechanics that go along with social site interactions.
    With the thread on DC Entertainment’s new buying website it says there are 6 Comments, but when I click on that there are only two with (I’m assuming ) those two broken down into Tweets and a message. Where are the other four?

    1. Kelson Post author

      The total number includes Facebook “Likes” and Twitter retweets, which show up as rows of icons just below the tabs.


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