Kid Flash Goes Solo in DCU Presents #12

More Flash news from The Source: Kid Flash stars in DCU Presents #12, a solo adventure written by Fabian Nicieza and illustrated by Jorge Jimenez, with a cover by Ryan Sook.

In a special one-shot issue of the fan-favorite anthology series, DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS, Kid Flash will race against time as he deals with the prehistoric trouble the Teen Titans brought back from Mystery Island.

“The Teen Titans survived the Culling and are in for some Prehistoric adventures in both SUPERBOY and TEEN TITANS number tens on the aptly named Mystery Island. And when all is said and done, they will be taking home some souvenirs,” editor Eddie Berganza revealed to THE SOURCE. “Helping Kid Flash have a yabba-doo time with the visiting Dino teens (in back-ups in both TEEN TITANS #11 and #12 with a prologue and epilogue that connects to DC PRESENTS #12) are writer Fabian Niceza and artist Jorge Jimenez. As this story unfolds, we will see which species is really set for extinction!”

I’ll have to check to be sure, but I think this is Bart Allen’s first full-length solo story since the end of Flash: The Fastest Man Alive five years ago, and his first as Kid Flash (not counting the issue of Impulse during “World Without Young Justice” in which he dressed up in one of Wally’s old costumes). Bart did have at least one short story in one of DC’s Halloween specials as Kid Flash. (IIRC, he was caught in a fight between Mirror Master and Bloody Mary.) Edit: Of course he starred in Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost just last year.


14 thoughts on “Kid Flash Goes Solo in DCU Presents #12

  1. Kyer

    That’s the first really clear picture I’ve seen of Bart’s updated costume and….wow.

    Still lovin’ it.

    Especially the eyes. They look like vampire or demon eyes.

    What is this new fascination with the color red? I don’t mean the ‘nice’ red of Flash’s costume either, but red eyes, red Nightwing accents.


    1. kyer

      It is past my bed time. The above should have read that I am NOT loving the red. Went too far when deleting a typo and then failed to notice that.

      But at least my eyes are not red.

    1. Kelson Post author

      *facepalm* Of course. That’ll teach me to try to add commentary while rushing to push something online before grabbing some overdue lunch.

  2. Flashfan

    I’m all for a kid flash special! I’m digging his characterizations in TT. But the recent issue from Superboy #9 has left me… suspicious.. (spoilers ahead)
    In it, Timber Wolf says (to KF) “Monster, I don’t know how you escaped to this time period…. Many people suffered and died because of your actions”

    This leaves me worried about KFs new back story. All I want is for it to be revealed that he is Flash’s grandson, so he can be in The Flash comics. Mainly so he can be drawn by Francis Manapul. But I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a loooong time for that!

    1. Stephen

      Maybe he is Barry’s grandson, but that doesn’t mean he was necessary a good person.

      Teen Titans #10 says that’ll give us more of Kid Flash’s back story.

      1. Nick

        Likely because it is a quintessential element of the superhero genre. Beyond that, Bart has always had a tragic origin: his parents were convicted of treason and executed by the state (I’m sure aging too quickly wasn’t helping matters either).

  3. lightspeed

    That looks awesome. I might just check it out. Is it just me or does his costume look better here than in Teen Titans?

  4. Savitar

    Now this costume looks better. Like the belt design, the bolts going down his shoulders are an interesting touch, hair flowing freely.

    But he looks as if he has red lightning in his eyes….


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