Marcus To & Ray McCarthy Guest Artists on Flash #10-11 (Updated)

DC announced on The Source today that Batwing artists Marcus To and Ray McCarthy will be drawing The Flash #10 and #11, focusing on Weather Wizard and Heat Wave.

“FLASH #10 spotlights the reimagined Weather Wizard and his twisted family tree, and we’re thrilled to welcome artist Marcus To and inker Ray McCarthy on board to tell the tale,” Editor Matt Idelson told THE SOURCE. “Marcus shares studio space with regular FLASH artist Francis Manapul (we’ve enjoyed hearing his snarky comments in the background of our calls with Francis), so we’re keeping things in the family, as it were… and as you can see from the double-page spread below, Marcus is gonna blow through this book like a hurricane! Issue #10 is going to be a blast, but just wait until July’s scorching issue #11, where — fittingly for the height of summer — you’ll be re-introduced to the very nasty, very crispy Heat Wave!

Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato return as the regular artists with issue #12. On Twitter, they confirmed that they are still writing (or, more precisely, have already written) the scripts for those issues, and Marcus To is working from Francis Manapul’s layouts. The story is still building toward the Flash Annual.!/FrancisManapul/status/201003204253724672

He’s definitely earned that breather after putting out nine issues in a row (well, eight so far, but there’s been no word of delays on #9) right on time while serving as both writer and artist!

Update! Newsarama has more info, including an interview with Marcus To.


5 thoughts on “Marcus To & Ray McCarthy Guest Artists on Flash #10-11 (Updated)

  1. Nick

    He’s earned a break, that is for sure!

    I like how the other artist’s work looks somewhat comparable to Manapul’s, so things will mesh well together when the eventual collection appears. “The Road To Flashpoint” collection was hard to read through since Manapul and Kolin’s art look nothing alike.

  2. Kyer

    Drawing looks good even in sketchy black and white. I like art where you can stare at it for minutes and always feel like you might have missed some tidbit because there’s so much detail.

    1. Savitar

      I go by Roy Thomas’ comment that good art should always look even better in black & white. This sample definitely does.


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