New LEGO Batman 2 Video Features Flash & More

As Devin reported last week, the Flash, Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd will appear in Lego Batman 2. Today, CBR published new video and still images from the game, including a brief look at the Scarlet Speedster in action!


11 thoughts on “New LEGO Batman 2 Video Features Flash & More

  1. Kyer

    I love the fact that Flash there has black pupils without irises. I can imagine him to be Wally.

    Is anyone else reminded of John Travolta (disco) with that pose? 0.0

  2. Kyer

    Photos…going left to right and down:
    Batmobile looks like it could fly by flapping it’s wings.
    Flash Disco!
    Cyborg on one of those British housecleaning shows.
    “What do you mean you forgot to where you parked the car?”
    “And they said I’d never make the Big Time.”
    “Well, it was a straight LED flashlight before you mucked with it, you clown!”
    “Look Lex, I found a dime!” (Drat..missed!)
    “See, you point it at the sun, and you can watch the eclipse!”
    Batman gets Raptured.
    “Some people just hail the ice cream truck driver, but no, he’s got to be the Goddamned Batman.”
    GL seconds before attaining orbit after a smarmy comment to Wonder Woman about her attributes.
    “It’s ready! My creation shall LIVE! Mwahahaha! (Now if only I the guys would hurry back with that brain…”)

  3. Devin

    Cannot wait for this! Seriously! And Kyer I agree, it is awesome that the pupils are black, although we should be able to edit them to whatever color we want in the character editor. I hope there is an option to make Flash African-American!

    1. Kyer

      🙂 Man, I so want a green-eyed flash to beat up…ehhh…Luthor.

      On your site pics of Jay, I love the way he looks like he’s deadpan thinking “Seriously?” Nothing makes a figure more interesting than fun facial expressions. 😛

  4. TheFlash1990

    Haha look how cute the lil guy is. Well I’m looking forward to playing him as Barry, but I wonder if there will be a Jay Garrick outfit included… 😉

  5. Kyer has no shipping fees on new release video games! I can get it almost tax free with their card!
    *adopts above Flash pose* Huzzah!
    Now….how does one play a PC video game? (Seriously, I haven’t played one since Riven the sequel to Myst came out. Do you need special controllers or will a mouse do?)


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