The Flash in Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes (Plus Two Flash villains)

Hey Speed Readers,

I’d been away from the net for a few days so I hadn’t heard that the first picture of The Flash in Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes had been released by Game Informer Magazine. This is the first visual confirmation of the Scarlet Speedster we’ve had since USA Today revealed his presence in the game a couple of months ago. The only picture so far is in the magazine that I don’t own but luckily the internet is full of all kinds of cool cats posting scans and vids:

Picture courtesy of Youtube user, SuperheroesLego

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! I just replayed Justice League Heroes earlier this week and man, have I been hankering for some fresh super speed action.  We can only speculate about what alternate costumes they have in mind for our flashy friend but if there are indeed alternative attires I’m hoping for something interesting. Remember Dark Flash and Jay Garrick from Justice League Heroes? We definitely need something akin to those skins.

Jay Garrick from Justice League Heroes

Dark Flash (Walter West) from Justice League Heroes

But that isn’t all; while scouring the net for info on The Flash appearance in Lego Batman 2 I found an ad from EB Games Australia:

So apparently as a preorder incentive, Australian EB Games (or Gamestop to us) customers will be receiving 5 bonus villains which will include two Flash villains: Captain Cold and Gorilla Grodd! YES, YES, YES! I’m counting on US customers also receiving these characters in one form or another. We do know for a fact that it won’t be via preorder as the only bonuses I’ve been able to track down for preordering are a limited edition Lego Lex Luthor from Gamestop and a bonus hero pack featuring Nightwing, Shazam (Captain Marvel), Katana, Damian Wayne (the latest Robin), and Zatanna from Amazon. If anyone has any additional information about the villain pack please let us know.

With the ability to play as over 50 DC Comics characters in a open world environment, customizable characters for creating unique variations and characters that may not have been included, as well as two player offline and online co-op play I have a feeling this just may be the ultimate DC Comics video game.

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes will be in stores June 19th for all current generation consoles and handhelds: Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, DS, 3DS, PS Vita and PCs.

Anyone plan on preordering this game? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson


14 thoughts on “The Flash in Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes (Plus Two Flash villains)

  1. Kyer

    Hold the Batphone! This game is playable on a regular ol’ Personal Computer as opposed to a dedicated gaming system?

    I could play it?!

    (Which would be a bad thing unless I played a villain seeing as my hand response time is pretty sucky, but yeah, if I played Lex Luthor maybe I could get the satisfaction of watching a Flash beat the stuffing out of…a bald man. This holds possibilities because there are times when my Red Ring goes volcanic and needs a safe method of being expressed.


    I could go for this.

    Also helps that Legos are incredibly cute.

        1. Kyer

          Crap. I just wrote a whole, long (imho) humorous bit about the American Southwest Desert complete with rattlesnakes on stilts only to have it vaporized on account I forgot to put my email addy in first…and this Comment window is incredibly unforgiving of senior moments. (Or sheer ineptitude, or the system is one mean Comedy Critic, take your pick.)

          The worst part is that it contained no typos.

          Oh well. Nobody said Life wasn’t going to be aggravating.

          Btw, I loved that Wally Dress Up Kit. Want the shoes.

          1. Devin Post author

            My brother just moved to New Mexico a bit ago for his job and he isn’t terribly fond of it.

            Thanks for checking out my site!

          2. Lia

            As a tip, I usually copy long comments before posting, because too often do sites (all of ’em, not just this one) eat comments when you suddenly lose your net connection or whatever.

          3. Kelson

            Sorry about that. I have encountered that problem, and installed some code to fix it…but it requires JavaScript (to check the form before sending it to the server), and I seem to recall you usually surf with scripting turned off.

  2. The Baconator

    Does anyone remember that Flash video game that was for the gameboy a couple years back? Was that any good?

    1. Devin Post author

      You mean Justice League Heroes: The Flash? I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I still break it out every once in a while. I remember when it first came out my Gamestop told me that they wouldn’t be getting any copies at all in and that the only way to get it would be to preorder it. I have never regretted it. Tons of fun with a lot of great easter eggs.

    1. Kyer

      Aw, c’mon! Who wants ‘realistic’ stuff when you can have characters who can hang up their hair as well as their hat? Which makes me wonder….just how will Joker gas affect the characters since I’ve never seen a Lego with the circle-port thing on it’s kisser?

      Devin–you have a wonderful site. It’s like being a kid and dime-store window browsing again. Also, yes, most of the desert is pretty boring…but it is a DRY heat! 🙂


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