Finally Live! Plus Exclusive Flashpoint Box Set Available

Hey Speed Readers,

About a month ago DC Entertainment (formerly known as DC Comics) announced that they would they be rechristening their collectible products line, previously known as DC Direct, with a new brand dubbed DC Collectibles. Not only that but they pledged to make it easier for those without a Local Comic Shop (like I) to purchase their entire products line via their own e-commerce online shop known as The site is finally live!

The new site will not only allow you to browse and purchase the entire DC Collectibles product line but it will also let you know what comic shops nearby carry want you want if you would still prefer to support brick and mortar comic book shops (Speed Force knows they need it). The line was previously only available in comic shops or through dealers online, who often found it necessary to add a bit of a mark-up to certain products due to their relative exclusivity and in the name of the almighty dollar. This news levels the playing field by a huge margin for fans like myself who have been hosed a few times over the years when it comes to DC Direct products. As I’ve mentioned before my local comic shop closed back in 2007 or 2008 and I haven’t had one close to me in quite a while. Due to that I’ve switched to shopping online about 97 percent of the time. Unfortunately I’ve had to pay not only some outrageous base prices but also crazy shipping prices as well. With the new system in place customers in the continental U.S. will only be paying at the most a 5 dollar flat free for ground shipping and 10 dollars for 2-day shipping if you desire it instead. On top of that any orders over 50 dollars will be eligible for free shipping. The prices for Canadian and International shipping aren’t super awesome but what I’ve seen they aren’t super terrible either.

Not only are the shipping prices a million times better but it seems as if we are going to have access to a bevy of other non-DC Collectibles product. Inputting “Flash” in the search function brings up about 30 different Flash-related items with a number of them on sale, including the terrific 1990-91 TV series on DVD for the low, low price of $10.99 usd marked down from $47.99! You can also find t-shirts, action figure sets from Mattel, statues and jewelry.

Of course the biggest deal for Flash collectors will be the DC Entertainment Shop’s exclusive Flashpoint Box Set featuring the incredibly hard to find (comparatively), and expensive Flashpoint Barry Allen released earlier this year. The set also includes ¬†Wonder Woman and Batman from Flashpoint Series 1 along with an exclusive Emperor Aquaman (which fans are actually calling out as a gyp since it is merely a repaint and doesn’t really resemble the Flashpoint Aquaman from the story, much) and a exclusive $500 poker chip from Wayne Casinos (don’t ask):

Funny thing, I was curious about just what differences we would see in pricing from ShopDCEntertainment compared to oh I don’t know evilBay and wow; I found more than a couple dealers who were selling the set for almost twice the price of the MSRP! Fortunately ShopDCEntertainment has the set at $59.99 usd with free shipping on top of that; take that scalpers!

One more awesome thing about the new shop; In the past like many others I have experienced a few quality control issues with a few figures that I’ve purchased. I haven’t experienced anything too terrible on a consistent basis but I’ve heard horror stories about limbs snapping right out of the package, warped parts, and stuck joints. Unfortunately unless you were dealing with a really¬†cool seller you were stuck with the figure and had to purchase a replacement through your own means and even if you were able to negotiate a deal to get a replacement you would usually have to pay to ship the other figure back. Now ShopDCEntertainment gives us a chance to shop without worries; they offer returns on all items within 30 days and in the case of a defective, damaged or incorrect item you won’t even have to pay for shipping. Great news for collectors!

I’m still mulling over whether I’m going to pick the exclusive set up or not. I already have the Flashpoint Flash figure and it wasn’t even that awesome the first time around. I guess it would be cool to commemorate the first Flash-centric company-wide crossover and the death of everything I knew and loved so who knows? I just think it is a little pricey for a figure that I already have and three I have no use for.

Do any of you guys plan on picking up the Flashpoint Exclusive Set? What do you all think of the new, revamped site and brand so far? Please let us know in the comments below.


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Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson


4 thoughts on “ Finally Live! Plus Exclusive Flashpoint Box Set Available

  1. Kyer

    Thanks for the info.
    Already purchased what I wanted from that in early 2010. Will have to take a look every six months or so in case they do ‘retro DC’ products with Wally.) Not interested in anything else just now. (packed away my one Wally/Flash shirt because I don’t want it to get worn out and not be replaceable with something similar.)

    Why is there still no Flash flash drive? This, if nothing else, makes me wonder about the savvy of the ‘new’ DC Entertainment brain trust.

    1. Kyer

      BTW, shop around first. Amazon is higher on the Flash dvd set, but cheaper on the Flash Pop Up figurine. I suspect just like with everywhere else prices fluctuate on what is a good buy or not.

    2. Devin Post author

      Wholeheartedly agreed on just about every point. DC has no faith in their properties other than Batman/Superman so why should we?


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