Reminder: DC Signature Collection Golden Age Flash on Sale 5/15/12

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Just a friendly reminder for those anxiously awaiting the release of Mattel’s DC Signature Collection Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, the figure goes on sale on this Tuesday, May 15, 2012.  Of course those that signed up for the subscription (not I) will be getting theirs shipped out automatically. Although earlier this month Mattel posted on Matty’s news page that due to “logistics issues” the shipments of the figure won’t be arriving at the docks until pretty much the day of the sale. Due to that they’ve told customers to allow 5 to 7 additional days for orders containing the figure to arrive. Naturally the customers who subscribed to Club Infinite Earths 2012 will receive their orders first. The figure will set the rest of us back $18.99 usd plus shipping.

Now for those of you who want to make an intelligent, informed decision about whether you will be purchasing Mattel’s version of Jason Peter Garrick this Tuesday you are in luck:

Action Figure Insider has long been a source that I use to keep track of various toy collectible news. One of their founders and main contributors, Daniel “JuliusMarx” Pickett, has through sheer force of awesome worked out a deal where he receives sample figures from Mattel on the regular and before most people ever get a chance to lay their mitts on them. He snaps some great pictures of them, tells you a few details about them and gives us an overall impression of the figures. You can see AFI’s First Look HERE.

Another toy blogger, Dan “Pixel Dan” Eardley also receives samples from Mattel but likes to give us his impressions in video form. His website,, is immensely popular and his Youtube channel has over 11,000 subscribers with over 8 million views. Now I personally prefer to read reviews and check out pictures but Dan has some extremely professional looking work. He also works the crap out of the samples, testing out joints, and twisting limbs back and forth so we don’t have to. You can check out Dan’s extremely detailed and informative review of Jay Garrick HERE.

Remember DC Signature Collection Jay Garrick will be available this Tuesday. May 15, 2012. You can find the product page HERE.

So who plans on picking up Jay Garrick this Tuesday? For that matter who already has the figure pre-purchased through the Club Infinite Earths Subscription? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Reminder: DC Signature Collection Golden Age Flash on Sale 5/15/12

  1. Kyer

    If I’m going to be forced to buy online I’m going to get DC Direct’s line. Plus already have DCD’s version of Jay.

    Don’t blame anyone who gets this though….not when you figure that all future figures may well be of the new Jay in his younger and more hip costume. (gag me.)

    1. Devin Post author

      I feel you on both accounts. I by and large prefer DC Direct’s products(even though we haven’t seen anything new and Flashy in a bit) but more than anything I’m a sucker for Flash action figures especially when it is Jay.

      That being said I think I already have five DC Direct Jay’s…

      1. Kyer


        It’s the shiny hat. It has mesmerizing qualities that hypnotize you into buying the figure over and over again which is why I had to go and get me some Anti-DCnU sunglasses to mitigate the glare.

        Now the new costume…it has shark (buyer) repellant painted on in the form of those goggles, the Antman antennae, and the warning yellow mustard stain.

        1. Kyer


          Well, there is the possibility of buying any new Earth-2 Jay plus some a Ken Barbie(R) red henley shirt and denime pants. *If* the helmet is removable and trashable or at least hide it in the deepest, darkest, part of the closet..

          Just saying it’s a possibility if one simply must by everything Jay. 😀

      2. Lee H

        Five? I didn’t realise they’d made so many. Which series are they from? Got any photos of them all together?

          1. Lee H


            I was waiting for the Mattel Jay Garrick, so the only DC Direct Jay I have is the Liberty Files version. The Alex Ross figure and the huge one at the back look to be the best of the bunch.

            Do any of them have lighting bolts on the jeans, or a removable helmet?

            1. Devin Post author

              Yeah my favorites would have to be the one in the very front, Liberty Files, and the repainted Jay on the left. All except the pvc and Liberty Files Jay have removable helmets, but the only ones that actually stay on his head consistently are the JSA Series 1 Jay in the middle and the First Appearance Jay on the far right. The rest pop off all the time and it is annoying to try and fix when you have them on display.

              As you know the Liberty Files Jay has the lightning on the side, as do the two first appearance Jays on the far left and far right.

              If you would like I can take some pictures of them without their helmets. Or if there is a particular one you want more detailed shots off I can do that too. Just let me know.

          2. Kyer

            I like the center and extreme left ones, myself. Liberty looks like Errol Flynn. 😛

            Almost purchased the Flash Family PVC pack one time when I’d first started this fandom, but the pictures were always of the box itself and it was hard to see the actual figurines beyond the glare of the plastic cover. Since then I’ve managed to get a DC Direct of everyone save the Quicks, but how did those figurines look? Jay looks fairly decent there considering the size. Was afraid those were going to look twice as clunky.


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