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4 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. kyer

    Eh…for once I was not thrilled by Mash-Up art. The only thing that saved it for me this time was Hulk as The Phantom Stranger.

    What to call the current comics age: Reheated.

  2. Kyer

    Truxillogical, you pegged it for me. PEGGED it. Everything. Thank you for expressing exactly these convoluted feelings about The Flash that I’ve been having ever since last September. It’s pretty. It’s good. But its not Flash to me. It’s like an alien clone of Flash: superficially the book I remember, but once you get closer…not really.

    I too miss the family aspect and the whole treating of those family members especially Wally and now Roscoe…it’s hard to swallow and keep up the polite smile. Its why I’m drifting towards webcomics that pay homage to old school heroes and things like Thrillbent and Sam & Delilah while spending less time checking out news on Flash, Superman, Green Lantern.

    God forgive me, but I really wish Didio and his ilk would retire to some other job and DC get people in there with soul. Writers who are allowed to show us characters who make us root for the names rather than the titles.

  3. Stephen


    Everyone has their own preferences. I, for one, am loving the current Flash run. Don’t get me wrong, I do miss Wally a bit, but I’m really enjoying what they’re doing with Barry.

    My only pet peeve is that Barry and Iris aren’t dating. Call me shallow, but I miss them being married. Although, I am interested to see how their relationship plays out in the series. Not liking Patty with her (in my eyes) unjust hatred of the Flash, though.


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