Surprise Star of DC Digital Father’s Day Sale

I never thought I’d open up an email from ComiXology with a giant banner featuring Wally West with Iris and Jai, but here you go:

DCU Father's Day Sale at ComiXology featuring Wally West, Iris and Jai

ComiXology’s DC Father’s Day Sale features “The Wild Wests” and Flash #237, since they deal heavily with Wally West as a father, as well as the main Flashpoint and Batman Knight of Vengeance miniseries (less for the Flash, and more for the Batman). The Flashpoint books have been up for a while, and are discounted to 99 cents each for the sale. The Flash issues are up for the first time.

I’m thinking this might be a good opportunity to read Batwoman: Elegy or some more Starman. (Unfortunately I can’t remember how far into the series I got when I started – I may have already read all the ones in the sale.)


5 thoughts on “Surprise Star of DC Digital Father’s Day Sale

  1. Kyer

    We were just joking about that ad of theirs on another site. Reading the list of books was like reading a list of murdered fathers and their children: Damien Wayne (child from hell), Aquaman’s murdered kid, Jonathan Kent, Bruce getting that letter from his other-world dead dad. They even listed Wild Wests just before listing Flashpoint…rather an unsettling placement considering all.
    Happy Fathers Day, indeed, DC. 0.0

    I’m one of the few who liked Wild Wests though. The scene in the basement is fun with Wally giving that rather memorable line to everyone’s dismay.

  2. Aedien

    It is kind of nice to see them acknowledging Wally’s existence though. He really is a good husband and father, and I’m with you Kyer, I actually liked that arc too. I know exactly what line you’re talking about, it makes me laugh every time I read it!

    1. Kyer

      Yeah. And that whole fantasy scenario Wally cooked up? I so empathized with him there. 🙂 (It is a pity that actually didn’t happen in the book. Bet Wally would have left them in the dust.)

      1. Aedien

        The first time I read it I thought that actually happened! He would have totally shown them not to get between a Flash and his family. I loved how protective he was of his kids and how he really wasn’t worried about Linda. I would have loved for that scene to be real because Linda would have ripped them a new one while Wally took care of the kids.

  3. Eyz

    Yay! Wally and his family!
    Yes, he might be off the current books, but I’m glad to still see him around like that. And next to the current DC logo no less!

    (which made me realize… I miss having this sort of father figure in the current DCU, and no Animal Man doesn’t count. he “has a family” and stuff, weird stuff, happen to them all the time, I meant like a family-adventure-sort of book)


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