Speeding to San Diego: Plans for Comic-Con

Death Star Cannon View at the San Diego Convention Center

It’s that time of year again! Comics and other pop culture fans of all stripes are descending on San Diego, California this week for Comic Con International.

Speed Force will be there: I’ll be on the floor myself three days out of four, and of course we’ll be monitoring the news coming from the con.

If you want a fan’s eye view of the con and can’t wait for the blog updates, keep an eye on…

  • Live updates at @SpeedForceOrg on Twitter. That’s where I’ll be posting live during the day.
  • Photos on Flickr, posted nightly if I have time, or by the end of the weekend. (Here are my galleries of photos from past conventions.)

Flash news will go up here on Speed Force as time permits, and my full convention write-up will go on K-Squared Ramblings as usual.

Amazingly, this will be the tenth San Diego Comic-Con I’ve reported on online. Check out my past convention coverage (write-ups, photos and more) if you’re interested in how the con (and my approach to it) has changed.


2 thoughts on “Speeding to San Diego: Plans for Comic-Con

  1. Kyer

    I don’t know how I missed this before, but just saw a CBR review of something called Kapow2012 that took place back in May 19-20 with (amongst others) Dan Didio on panel.
    Naturally, I found this while doing a ‘Wally West’ search so…yeah….here ya go:

    An enquiry about whether we’d see Wally West again was swiftly dispatched with a cry of “Next question!” which segued into another fan who asked about the fate of Booster Gold (“and Skeets!”) and DiDio said, “There is a definite plan. I love Skeets! Just like I love Wally West.”
    And the link for this little gem of heart warming (or is that curdling?) info? http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=38787
    Nice bit of politician dance stepping there, Dan.
    Now I gotta wonder…just how much do they dislike poor Skeets? Because Skeets is one of my favorite characters too, though obviously not as much as Wally. X(


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