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Speeding to San Diego: Plans for Comic-Con

Death Star Cannon View at the San Diego Convention Center

It’s that time of year again! Comics and other pop culture fans of all stripes are descending on San Diego, California this week for Comic Con International.

Speed Force will be there: I’ll be on the floor myself three days out of four, and of course we’ll be monitoring the news coming from the con.

If you want a fan’s eye view of the con and can’t wait for the blog updates, keep an eye on…

  • Live updates at @SpeedForceOrg on Twitter. That’s where I’ll be posting live during the day.
  • Photos on Flickr, posted nightly if I have time, or by the end of the weekend. (Here are my galleries of photos from past conventions.)

Flash news will go up here on Speed Force as time permits, and my full convention write-up will go on K-Squared Ramblings as usual.

Amazingly, this will be the tenth San Diego Comic-Con I’ve reported on online. Check out my past convention coverage (write-ups, photos and more) if you’re interested in how the con (and my approach to it) has changed.

Index of Comic-Con 2011 Coverage

The frenzy of Comic-Con International is over, and San Diego returns to normal…until next year. I was only there one day this year, but Devin and I both followed the event online to collect all the Flash news we could find.

Here’s a quick round-up of Speed Force’s convention coverage.

Flashpoint Reverse-Flash FigureFlash Comics News

A special thanks to @SpeedsterSite, @BitterWallyWest and @TheFlashReborn for asking questions in DC’s panels and around the floor, and posting about their experiences on Twitter. It was also great to meet all three of you finally.

Flash Collectibles News


Around the Con

Analysis and Commentary

I should have my convention write-up finished tonight or tomorrow soon. [Update: It’s up!] In a week or so, after everyone has had a chance to post their convention photos, I’ll publish a full round-up of costume sightings.

Photo: Flash on a Segway – Only at Comic-Con

This morning, my Flash/SDCC Twitter search erupted in comments about the Flash speeding around San Diego on a Segway. It wasn’t long before someone posted a photo. Photographer @NandoVel writes:

Flash on a Segway. I don’t know if that means he’s Flash-ier or just lazy.

The goofy moments like this are always the ones that stand out most for me. I’m really looking forward to actually being on-site tomorrow.

Update: Here’s another shot, this one from @mattkindt.

In other SDCC news, Flash artist/writer Francis Manapul has posted his signing schedule for the con.