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DC Booth: Justice League

I’m back from Comic-Con, and trying to both catch up and readjust to the real world. My first batch of photos are already up on Flickr, and I plan on getting the rest of them posted tonight, and the convention write-up over the next day or two.

There really wasn’t a whole lot of news about the Flash at the con. They just reiterated what we know from solicitations and previous interviews: After the annual, we get to learn what makes Barry Allen tick in the origin flashback (adding new details around what we already know, rather than completely redoing it), then Gorilla Grodd invades Central City and the Flash has to team up with the Rogues. Wally West remains nowhere to be seen in the new DCU.

We did learn that Mattel will release a Wally West figure as part of their subscription line, and that Flash and Kid Flash will meet “at some point.”


One thought on “Comic-Con News: Flash

  1. Kyer

    I’m grumbling over the continued attitude of DC over Wally and the vagueness about Barry with Bart, jest sou’s you know. 🙂

    Con pics: Bit of background: I was a trekkie back when the show was first airing. Didn’t learn about Star Trek cons until late 70’s. I got offered a ride to one, but a week later parents ‘found God’ and anything fantasy beyond early Disney films became taboo. (I lost a whole collection of ST and fantasy books which I still miss dearly. That said, I’d rather have had the miracle that saved my parents lives than that Tom Baker TARDIS tin.) Family idea of conventions are limited to home/garden and sometimes folk arts/crafts.
    Anyway, the above is to give you some idea about how much I treasure these pics you put up. In reality they probably are just like the home/garden shows only with different wares, but to me this stuff is magical, like going back in time and touring a 1930’s movie studio during the heyday.

    Kudos, kudos, everywhere, guys.

    (Btw, I think I saw that stapler in the photo. It was hanging with a slide projector, both in a Radio Flyer and heading towards Lover’s Lane. I didn’t inquire.)


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