Thursday at SDCC: DC Now

I wasn’t originally planning on attending Thursday’s DC Now panel at Comic-Con International, but my feet were tired and I figured I might learn something. It was mainly an informational panel with writers talking about the book they’re working on.

Here’s my terribly incomplete live-tweet coverage.

DC Now moderator says they came up with name for panel & were quite surprised when “someone else” used it.

Jimmy Palmiotti: “I was in the Twilight panel, that’s why I was delayed.”

Batman: Earth One. @geoffjohns describes as “rollback Batman” who doesn’t know what he’s doing & does it for wrong reasons.

Justice League year 1 was about what the team IS. Year 2 about what it SHOULD be. @geoffjohns

Why is new GL carrying a gun? “These rings run out of energy, don’t they?”

Third Army premise (eliminate free will) sounds like Darkseid and the anti-life equation.

Scott Snyder: in the past, the Joker hasn’t really gone after Barbara, Jason or Dick PERSONALLY. Now he will.

(At this point I left to go to another panel that I really wanted to catch. SpeedsterSite was following another liveblog, though.)

@SpeedsterSite: Buccellato says Flash #0 will explore who Barry is, “and why he’s the guy who always needs to do the right thing.”

@SpeedsterSite: Buccellato: “And there is no Wally in this run at all, I’m sorry.” Crowd boos.

For more info, check out Comics Alliance, Comic Book Resources, or Newsarama’s articles.

UPDATE: My full Comic-Con write-up is complete!


3 thoughts on “Thursday at SDCC: DC Now

  1. Steve

    Bad news about Wally, of course. Though if they’re speaking that definitively about it, I’m wondering if this might also mean that their run is also ending in the forseeable future.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Possibly, but they’ve said recently that they’re on the book for the long haul, and they’ve also said that they wanted to include Wally but were shut down. It’s become clear that the editorial position is “No Wally West,” and any change in that is going to have to come from Didio/Lee/Johns, not from the people writing the book.


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