DC animation teasers

Warner Brothers showcased some new DC animation teasers at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend, and fortunately they’ve been put online as well.

The Young Justice: Invasion teaser features Wally and has a brief cameo of Bart (non-Americans may not be able to view this; last night I could, but now I can’t).

The DC Nation trailer shows a funny-animal Flash versus Captain Cold, and possibly Tar Pit fighting Black Lightning. And notice the ‘Gambi’ sign behind Thunder and Lightning. Other characters shown include the Masters of Disaster and Amethyst, and an interesting new Batman piece.

All in all, something to look forward to!


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3 thoughts on “DC animation teasers

      1. Kyer

        I like detail. The new Flash issues and the YJ cartoon are as “cartoony” as I care to look at unless you get to the real old classics like Walt Disney’s 1940’s Mickey Mouse. or the classic Warner Bros Looney Tunes. This kind of ‘arty cartoon’ just looks like preschool scribbles to me. (Of course so does Adventure Time and that appears to be a hit program…so what the heck do I know of pop culture trends. -_-;; )


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