SDCC 2012 Friday: DC Justice League & Green Lantern

SDCC 2012 DC Panel: Justice League and Green Lantern

On Friday, I live-tweeted the Justice League/Green Lantern panel at Comic-Con International. Here are those tweets, collected in one place with a few corrections.

DC panel is starting. Geoff Johns (blocked by podium), Jim Lee, James Robinson, Nicola Scott, Scott Lobdell, Brian Cunningham(?), Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato,

Justice league 0 is big Shazam issue. Will join team next year.

JLI annual is a Booster Gold story that Dan (Jurgens, I assume) wanted to tell

(Geoff Johns covered some of the same Green Lantern ground as in the DC Now panel the day before.)

Guardians’ first army was Manhunters. Second army was Green Lanterns. Now Guardians want to try again w/Third Army

GL Corps 0 is New 52 Guy Gardner origin, sets stage for next few months

GL: Kyle showing signs of accessing other rings, may become secret weapon in upcoming war. Hope+compassion come easy to him. Rage not somuch

Kyle’s story in Third Army described as kung fu movie where hero has to master multiple styles.

Flash: We all know Barry’s origin, so were filling in gaps. Who raised him, why does he focus on justice?

FM: You guys like gorillas, right? Cause you’re going to see a lot of gorillas. Grodd invades Central City

And Flash is going to need help from Rogues to fight off Grodd’s gorilla army

Earth 2 #0: there were 8 wonders in the past, not just a trinity. 4th hero has since turned evil & is a villain in present day.

Wesley Dodds to appear as Sandman in Earth 2.

Leader of World Army in Earth 2 described as Captain Nemo meets Nick Fury.

Jeff Lemire & Geoff Johns working on JL Dark as bridge between main & Dark sides of DCU. 0 issue focuses on Constantine & Zatanna

Frankenstein, Amethyst, Tim Hunter joining Justice League Dark

Earth 2: yes, we’ll see more members. Rolling out slowly. More mystical feel to this world. Arc 2 is govt vs JSA, magic vs science

Complicated GL question. GJ answer: “You’re very astute.”

Why are all the British people evil? James Robinson: “Because we ARE all evil.”

Need to reexplore Kyle’s past now that Jade & Donna have been erased.

Fcbd followup in JL/JLDark crossover

Jim Lee: adopting TV model of choosing what to publish, how to assess changes to line.

Deadpool walks up to mike at DC panel. “Are you lost, sir?”

Q about GL of Krypton’s sector at time it exploded. I could swear someone did explore this in the 70s or 80s. (Several people point out that in the pre-Crisis DCU it was Tomar-Re)

No plans to revisit Flashpoint right now.

Flash Q: Is Barry going to revisit role as Blue Lantern? A: There is no blue in Barry’s immediate future.

Flash Q: is he ever going to find Bart or Jay? A: It’ll happen at some point.

Fan from Australia asks for Justice League Australia aka JLOz

Johns: Billy Batson’s attitude is what sets Shazam apart from Superman.

Geoff Johns plans to reintroduce the Metal Men at some point.

Lobo & Red Lantern ring prob not going to get addressed. “I just wanted to see him eat it & see what happens”

Fan asks about Wally. Buccellato: “It’s not really a panel until someone asks…. He’s somewhere.”

“He’s probably hanging out w/Ted Kord.” Audience: Oooooh. “Why must you hurt me so?” “B/c they love it.”

Some other sites covering this panel: Newsarama, CBR

UPDATE: My full Comic-Con write-up is complete!


17 thoughts on “SDCC 2012 Friday: DC Justice League & Green Lantern

  1. Savitar

    Tim Hunter joining JL Dark? I may have to start reading that title then…

    Fans need to keep asking about Wally. Never let DC Editorial forget!

    1. Kyer

      I agree, but the current Flash creative doesn’t seem to be the ones to keep asking? Didio, Johns, Lee….anyone else who would be a ‘decision maker’ with power?

  2. Devin

    I don’t know. I’m thinking more and more that I should make Wally West my last Flash purchase. Maybe not forever, but at least for a while. I was content to sit back, ignore the comics (for the most part, Earth 2 is interesting) and just get the collectibles but they are making it very hard to want to give them money with their backhanded comments and jokes.

    1. Kyer

      If it doesn’t have Wally or another superhero I liked and started from the point of the assault on Sue Dibney….I have not purchased it. Except for one Brave & the Bold kids DC floppy that *looked* like it was Wally’s costume (this was before DC52), but mid-way through the story Batman called him “Barry” which left me feeling rather miffed, let me tell you.
      Am not getting the third John’s Omnibus and have yet to see if I already have the upcoming Impulse issues already on hand. Do want that Wally action figure, but beyond that and with the latest DCAU Justice League having Barry….yeah, looks like the Mattel purchase will be my last until they do a 180-degree turn.

      (Also angry for the Steph fans who saw her appearance get ‘retconned’ from a Smallville thing aborning so they could replace her with the…and I’m sure you’ve heard of this….”more iconic figure [Barbara Gordon]. Not a fan, but that was low, DC.

      1. Penny Dreadful

        It confirmed what I’d suspected about this “reboot.” It’s about fanboys of a certain age wanting thing the way they were when they were kids (during the 1960s/1970s, natch). I don’t think a lot of these legacy characters are well-liked by editorial. Clearly, editorial hates Stephanie Brown and Cass Cain. Check out the blog DC Women Kicking Ass.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I thought the Alpha Lanterns were basically a special detachment of Green Lanterns, like Navy SEALs or something.

      The way Johns described it, the Third Army is more like:

      1. Create Manhunters.
      2. Wait, that didn’t work out like we hoped.
      3. Scrap the Manhunters and create the Green Lanterns.
      4. Well, that sort of blew up in our face with all these corps. Looks like free will is the source of all this chaos.
      5. Scrap the Green Lanterns (or try) and create the Third Army to eliminate free will and bring order to the universe.

      1. Kyer

        Aaaand the Third Wheel–s’cuse me, Army–will be unemotional like the Manhunters and thus bring us around full circle to where AAA will break down and need it’s own overhaul? Are they using politics as a model for this?

      2. Savitar

        On one hand, I am happy Capt Marvel is joining the JL but I still have been unable to bring myself to read Johns’ new version of him. I’ve seen good reviews of Franks’ art but his new design looks more menacing, darker and that is going against type for this classic character. It aggravates me which is why I haven’t read it yet…..if ever.

        @Kyer – I remember you made previous comments about the Johns’ Flash Omibuses, something about a flaw in their binding? Was considering buying the second volume but wanted to ask your opinion about these volumes before I do.

        What’s up with the line about ‘needing to explore Kyle’s past now that Jade and Donna have been erased?’ Is it because Donna is absent like Wally or is she permanently gone? Sounds ominous for Wally if she has been shelved for good.

        1. Kyer

          I have a problem with “Billy Bratson’s attitude is what sets him apart from Superman. Yeah? Maybe. But it also puts him right in the midst of the larger crowd of surly characters. God grief, even the new *realistic* “Arrow” take of Green Arrow is going to be as dark as Batman with deaths following the character like fans followed Elvis. I’m not watching that and having my liking/memory for *fantasy* Green Arrow turned sour….er…more sour since 52 Arrow was not exactly intriguing either.
          God, I fear for what they plan to do with a Flash movie. Will Barry suddenly have the morality of Professor Zoom?

        2. Kyer

          Gads…got off on a rant and forgot your other question. 😀 Guess they were indirectly correct that “comics will warp your mind”, huh?
          The bindings are the cheap glue/flat kind that don’t let you see far into “the gutter”. You have to hold the book open or it wants to close up on you. It’s made worse in that it is so thick.

          On the plus side, these are (in my opinion) the best stories Johns did for Flash plus you are not getting the yellowing pages or copious ads that you’ll find if you get the stories via old floppies. (Even my late 90’s and early 2000 second-owned trades are starting to turn yellow on the edges.)
          If you want to see each page clearly then go digital. It’s what I would do if I wasn’t against the ‘pay to lease to view while we are still in business’ thing…and the fact that technology changes faster than books can yellow and is more expensive.

          1. Savitar

            Difference in attitude…..Cap has always been seen as more of a Boy Scout than Superman so I’m leery to see what Johns means by that.

            Thanks for the info about the Omnibuses. So you can’t lay the books flat open. That sucks. I’ve read similar issues about the Teen Titan Omnibuses. Marvel seems to have gotten their books right in this regard.


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