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6 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Post-Comic-Con Edition

  1. Kyer

    Inside Pulse: “Pissed off beyond all rational comprehension.” What a great phrase. Stealing it. 🙂 And yeah, I find myself going digital more and more, but it’s by way of free webcomics and not Comixology and such or even DC or Marvel. Granted, I’m much more pissed off beyond all rational comprehension by DC these past years; Marvel having only twisted my gut over the cancellation of their Avengers cartoon show and choices in characters for the movie. I can still forgive them their trespasses. (Until they blow it as well.)

    The Funko lanyard looks like it might be good. I can use that at work as long as I’m subtle about it. However, I’ve found that many of these things are made so short that you pretty much have to buy another piece of fabric and sew it on to add to the length….otherwise it’s harder to get on and off.
    Agree with the hat…cute, but I also can’t wear those things unless I want my ears to to end up as red as the hat from sunburns. Also wish they would update the Flash belt. No, not because of Wally (Barry’s taken that design as well) but because imho it always looked cooler.)

    Both Onions have it spot on: how does The DP not have massive layoffs? Plus, comics ceased being ‘for kids’ a long time ago. Probably about the same time you stopped seeing the racks in supermarkets and dime stores.

    Thanks as always for the links, Kelson!

  2. Kyer

    A few minutes to kill so went ahead and read the Flash 10 review:
    “He then bizarrely decided he can never be Barry Allen again.” Wtf? Tells me this is an aberration or the author misread the issue. I thought one of the talking points to having Barry come back was because his non-secret job was more interesting than Wally’s unemployment/part-time blue collar stuff? Not only that, I was holding out hope that maybe one day they’d do that Central City’s 1800’s story which was tied to Barry’s forensic work.

    1. Nick!

      Pretty sure I didn’t misread the issue. In it, Flash point blank says that “Barry Allen must remain dead” in order to spare Patty her feelings (Barry is already presumed dead in an earlier issue). It is an inversion of the “Spider-Man No More” trope.


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