Next Tuesday is Read Comics In Public Day (August 28)

Read Comics In Public DayRead Comics In Public Day is coming up next week, on Tuesday, August 28. Celebrating it is simple: Just read comics in public!

From the announcement of this year’s event:

That’s right, we haven’t abandoned the cause — for as long as people sneak comics home from shops in unmarked brown paper bags, we will be there. As long as men and women conveniently fail to mention their love of sequential art until the third date, we will be there. As long as we’re content to use any excuse to celebrate — and read — comics, we’ll be there.

It’s held on August 28 because that’s Jack Kirby’s birthday (he would have been 95 this year).

So head over to your local comic shop this weekend, pick up some reading material, and plan to kick back on a park bench, a bus or train, the break room at work, at a restaurant, or anywhere else where you can show people that yes, regular folks do in fact read comics!

You can also check out one of the meet-up events if there’s one nearby, or plan your own.


One thought on “Next Tuesday is Read Comics In Public Day (August 28)

  1. Kyer

    That’s actually kind of hilarious. I mean, I have to hide mine–but only because my family doesn’t approve of the ultra violence or horror in them (which I have to agree there.) However, I’m living under a more uniquely conservative roof than most. Since modern day movies and TV are pretty much R-rated on average…is there really some sort of stigma on reading comics amongst the general public?


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