Questions for iPad & Other Tablet Users

Do you visit Speed Force using a tablet? If so, I have a few really quick questions for you.

  1. What type/brand of tablet is it? (iPad, Android, Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire, etc?)
  2. What size? (Roughly speaking, 10″ iPad size or 7″ paperback book size?)
  3. On Speed Force, do you see the full layout, or the stripped-down mobile layout?
  4. Which view would you prefer?



9 thoughts on “Questions for iPad & Other Tablet Users

  1. joegrunenwald

    1. iPad 2
    2. Standard iPad size
    3. Full layout
    4. I like seeing the whole thing. I can zoom pretty easily on the iPad, and it’s nice to have the full site accessible like it would be on a non-tablet computer.

  2. Owen


    I use an iPad2 and iCab browser. I see the desktop version, but I need to pinch and zoom to get it the full width of the screen.

    I prefer the full version although the colors of the text on the background are not that great on the iPad.


  3. Vlad

    1. Android
    2. 10″
    3. Mobile layout
    4. I prefer the desktop layout. The mobile layout’s biggest problem is that the font size is small and I cannot zoom it.

  4. Kelson Post author

    Thanks for the feedback. I recently bought a Nexus 7 and was surprised to find that the site was sending it the mobile version. I wanted to change it, but thought I’d do some (for lack of a better term) market research first.


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