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2 thoughts on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    So if Barry were to shoot peashooter parts of himself at someone while running, which would hit the target first: Barry Bits or Barry Allen?
    Normally I’ve loved The Line Is Drawn, but the last two offerings were meh for me….except for the Borg/Magneto one. That was brilliant.
    I think I really love Steampunk Jay a whole lot more than I do Earth 2 of the nu52 Jay. Nah..I do love SP Jay more and that’s with just one picture to go by.
    The Hobbit….I can’t stop seeing Dr. John Watson there doing cosplay. God help me if movie Smaug has curly hair.
    Never minded reading comics in public…until the last two other comics lovers at work turned out to be thieves. If the comic book crowd wants to worry about it’s image they should consider touting the importance of morals. I dunno. Just saying I’m now a little leery of reading in front of my bosses.
    Bad week for me: major roach infestation rears its head again. I officially now hate summer nights and rainstorms. Thank you Marvel for Mark Waid’s Daredevil #16 with Murdock and Pym….helped keep me sane. I now want some fan art of Matt defending Wally in court against DC’s blacklisting. Mark should have a scene insertion of this….just change the names enough to avoid getting sued. I’d frame the page. 🙂 The truly awful thing here is that I should be finding Flash as my mind saver like in years long ago.
    At least the art is still pretty even with a guest artist.

  2. Savitar

    M-Day, great cause in the memory of two great creators.

    Thanks for the tip, Wild Blue Yonder looks and sounds terrific. After I donate, can’t wait to see it.


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