DC Collectibles New 52 Flash Available!

Hey Speed Readers,

Just wanted to let you all know (if you didn’t already) that DC Collectibles New 52 Flash is now available at the DC Collectibles website, Comic Book & Collectible Shops and various online dealers. Oddly enough DC Collectibles website is only taking preorders for October 31st, 2012 at the moment while the figure has already been released worldwide.

I myself have not yet picked up Flash or ordered it. I’m really on the fence on whether I want to support this figure or not. The completist in me definitely wants it in my collection but to support it would be to support this new direction DC is going in. Although I can’t lie, I already caved and purchased the New 52 Flash Heroclix and DC Squinkies which are based on New 52 Designs. So really who am I kidding? For some reason it just feels different when you are giving money directly to the publisher as in the case of DC Collectibles. Plus the aforementioned figurines are so small in scale that in most cases it isn’t even that evident that it is the New 52 design. Yes, I know I’m rationalizing.

For those that do plan on purchasing the figure or are also on the fence Toynewsi.com has a great review of the action figure, HERE.

Here is one more picture courtesy of Toynewsi.com:

So who plans on picking this guy up or has already? I’m curious to hear what you all think of it.

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10 thoughts on “DC Collectibles New 52 Flash Available!

  1. Chris

    I just got that figure in the mail, I think its quite amazing (I have a couple of pictures of it on my tumblr page) , hope that they release more new 52 figures. Did you get the figure?

    1. Devin Post author

      Nice. I like the body sculpt and the costume a lot actually but as chickenmonkey707 said below…dat face. I am a completist for the most part so I will probably cave and get it eventually. But only for a good price. $25.00 and up plus shipping is too rich for my blood. Especially for an action figure with nothing special about it; No accessories, not even a stand?

  2. chickenmonkey707

    Ya know, I do like the figure, but the facial sculpt isn’t working for me. He just seems to have this weird look on his face, and it just looks off. That being said, I probably will end up getting it, even though it is far from my favorite Flash figure in recent years.

  3. Kyer

    Um…Okay, I did cave on the statue coming out in April, but that face…is he crosseyed or doped up or what? I wouldn’t be able to look at it without cracking up or something. Pass.

  4. Blair Brown

    You might as well give up all hope,my man,’cause no matter where you stand with the DC New 52 look,you gotta admit the figures look pretty damn good.


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