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1 thought on “Speed Reading

  1. Kyer

    Devin! Anyone interested in statues:
    I’ve been reorganizing my area and finally (it’s been over a year now) decided to open up that DC Universe Online Flash Statue by Jim Lee.
    It was intact. One ear thingy seems a tad too curved towards the cowl and they didn’t ‘clean’ it very well…but otherwise it looks fantastic.
    Just wanted to let you know that earlier I’d ordered a plastic display box from The Container Store designed for small figures? Turned out the statue fits into it *perfectly*. I wish I had a camera to show this.

    My very first comics statue.

    I’m downright giddy.

    Now where to put my “Wally before the 50th Anniversary” statue where he won’t get busted by well meaning family members with dusting tools? Top shelf with barbed wire around it?. 🙂


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