This Week: Flash #0, Road to Flashpoint TP and Digital Flashbacks

Flash #0 Cover

This week sees the release of Flash #0, the Zero Month issue featuring the New 52 origin of Barry Allen.

  • At last, it’s the origin of The Flash!
  • The loss of his mother put Barry Allen on the road to becoming a hero, but only when he gains his powers will he understand her most important lesson.

Writing and art by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato.

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Flash: The Road to Flashpoint

There’s also the trade paperback of The Road to Flashpoint, the second half of the Geoff Johns/Francis Manapul run from 2010-2011.

Make way for Hot Pursuit – the latest speedster to come out of the Speed Force!
Collects THE FLASH #8-12!

Written by: Geoff Johns, Scott Kolins
Art by: Francis Manapul, Scott Kolins

Flash #58: Into the Abyss! Flash #59: All-Romance Issue

After a few hiccups, DC’s digital back-issues program seems to have shifted from three issues of Flash (1987 series) each week to two issues of Flash and two of Impulse. This week features the digital re-release of Flash #58-59 and Impulse #19-20. At this rate, the entire William Messner-Loebs/Greg LaRocque run will be available next week!

Flash #58 and Flash #59 continue the story of the Icicle’s fortune, as his grandchildren take Wally West to court over the contested will. But what does Pied Piper have to say about this wealth…and the forgotten legacy of Invasion? Power Girl guest-stars as Wally and Mason Trollbridge try to uncover the secret of a rogue agent stalking another of the Makhent family.

Impulse #19: it’s the speedster’s nightmare! Then in Impulse #20, Bart tries to learn how to live normally by learning to play baseball. Hilarity ensues.

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3 thoughts on “This Week: Flash #0, Road to Flashpoint TP and Digital Flashbacks

  1. Lee H

    Flash #0 was fantastic. The reveal of who raised Barry after his mother’s murder was unexpected, but fit so well. I’m looking forward to seeing how much mileage they get out of it.

    And just who is Danny West? Perhaps Iris’s brother? I get the feeling that they’re seeding a new villain.

  2. Eyz

    Looking back in retrospective, Road to Flashpoint seems like such a wasted point… it had some potential but as it is it’s just a mindless pointless “in-between” filler…

    1. Kelson Post author

      The word “filler” gets thrown around a lot these days (especially since people seem to have lost any interest in done-in-one stories that aren’t connected to some big arc), but in this case, I agree. The main story in “Road to Flashpoint” just wasn’t that engaging when it all came together, and what mattered — Barry’s feelings about his mother’s death, now that he understood what had really happened — should have been a subplot running through a year’s worth of more interesting stories.

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