Impulse’s Origin Explored in Smallville Season 11 (Preview)

Smallville Season 11 #9 Cover by Scott Kolins

TV Guide has an article about Bart Allen’s return to Smallville, including a preview of the new storyline, “Haunted.” Smallville Season 11 takes place in the TV show continuity, where Bart Allen is a founding member of the Justice League under the code name Impulse, though his origin was left extremely vague. So vague, in fact, that Bart himself doesn’t remember how he got his powers beyond there being an accident and a “flash of light.”

The new arc, “Haunted,” will explore the origins of Bart’s ability to run at super speed. “There’s something that has been haunting Bart for some time, some baggage he’s been carrying,” says writer Bryan Q. Miller of the title. “Everyone in our story is being haunted — physically, metaphorically — by some element of their past.”

Other story elements involve Lex Luthor attempting to recover his own lost memories, and Chloe’s quest to learn about her doppelganger from Earth-2. Miller goes on:

“Haunted” will have more direct connections to the television show than Season 11’s earlier stories. “It’s the first time we are relying heavily on previous Smallville series history,” Miller says. “This arc has many more roots in specific episodes and mythology from the series.”

Check out a view of Bart’s new costume after the cut:

Bart and Clark get ice cream (Impulse's costume)

Smallville Season 11 is published in weekly digital chapters three times a month on Fridays, then collected in a print edition the following month. Head over to TV Guide for the full article or go straight to the preview, and keep an eye out for tomorrow’s issue or ComiXology.


6 thoughts on “Impulse’s Origin Explored in Smallville Season 11 (Preview)

  1. Kyer

    What I said before about the glasses?
    Double for the costume.
    That ensemble almost makes Jay Garrick’s Earth 2 uniform look good by comparison. I ‘get’ realism and all, but couldn’t the kid have found something better to wear at the local thrift store? Seriously.
    Also, still seeing a teenaged Barry what with that hair.
    Clark I give points to for not wearing armor.

    1. Michael Mah'moud

      Well to be fair Bart in Run had A sort of Comic Barry/John Wesley Shipp Barry look untill. he. gained. a more Comic Bart look post in Justice. and. also. in Doomsday. But he

  2. Michael Mah'moud

    Always had Barry/Wally traits whether it’s origin, powers(Wally metabolism problems and. Barry. ability to vibrate through walls.), his. previous costume resembled. combination. of. Flash. and. Smallville Green Arrow, he’s been known. through. mentioning in Hex. and. a file. in. Prophecy( both episodes written by Bryan Q. Miller) basically a protector of Central as well as Keystone City, founder of the Justice League, etc.). I. kind. of like how the new. costume. has. an. Combination of comic Impulse as well as the previous Smallville Impulse/Flash costume

    1. Nick!

      I dunno. While the hair change might be due to a likeness issue with the actor, the costume seems like a natural evolution from the one he wore on Smallville.

      1. Michael Mah'moud

        I agree it looks like a mix between comic Bart’s Impulse costume and the Impulse costume seen on the show while Bart seems to have a more Barry look to him thanks to the new haircut instead of the comic Bart hairdo Kyle was rocking in “Justice” and “Doomsday”. Maybe this arc will be the arc where Bart finally becomes the Flash?


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