Cover for Flash #19 Revealed

While DC Comic’s solicitations for April’s new issues isn’t due until Monday, Comic Book Resources (via Gotham Spoilers) has an early selection of covers.  This includes Francis Manapul’s cover art for Flash #19 (below) and Flash prominently featured on what appears to be that month’s Justice League the cover to DC Universe Presents #19.


Flash #19 will be the second of two issues written solo by Brian Buccellato, with art by Marcio Takara.  The solicit for issue #18 features both the Trickster and Dial H.

Check out the Justice League DC Universe Presents #19 cover after the jump!



19 thoughts on “Cover for Flash #19 Revealed

  1. Nick!

    Is it me, or does it look like each of these covers will be “connected” to the next month’s covers, thus creating a larger poster image?

  2. zachkastner

    Looks like April will have a wraparound cover on every title. I see some of that crimson lightning in the corner…so I bet I know who killed the guy in Flash’s arms.

    1. Lee H

      The images look to be “left halves”, which would be on the BACK of a wrap-around – not the ideal place to put the protagonists! Maybe they’re gate-fold covers?

      1. Kyer

        Or maybe they are alternate covers that you need to purchase in addition….or the next part is continued in the next book?
        Flash will be kind of interesting to see, but I have no interest at all in any of the others being shown around the Net.

    2. Nick!

      Bleeding Cool ran a story that DC was going to be doing something attention-grabbing in April. All 52 covers being wrap-arounds might be the gimmick of the month.

  3. Kyer

    OMG… Last pic. Shades of Flashpoint? I’m sickened with DC already even if (in grand comic book tradition) that pic has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

    No grim & gritty here, folks. Just comics. Move along.


  4. Kyer

    Is it just me or are they rushing a Reverse Flash story? At what issue did Barry meet RF in the original Barry stories?
    Got to admit that I’ve been tired of Reverse Flash since Rebirth ended. He’s gotten to be like the Daleks when they first revived Doctor Who….seemed like every other ep was about The Daleks (even though that wasn’t the actual case.) Got boring.
    If they must keep bringing back the major villains willy-nilly, why not Abracadabra? I don’t recall seeing him in quite awhile. (Plus I don’t outright associate him with Rebirth-Road to/& Flashpoint, all of which stick in my craw.)

    1. Nick!

      He’s one of Flash’s most prominent bad guys. Personally, I’m surprised they’ve waited this long. Plus, the way M&B have been talking, this Reverse Flash is going to be a completely new iteration of him and not a Thrawne/Zoom riff.

  5. The Baconator

    So….is Barry’s chinstrap supposed to be pointed and triangular? Or square and striaght. Look at both covers. It seems artists cant make up their minds with that.

    1. Devin

      I don’t think it has anything to do with the artists not being able to make up their minds. Manapul tends to go with the triangle when illustrating the monthly issues of The Flash (he also tends to have the tron glow going on more often than not) whereas the second cover matches Mr. Lee’s original redesign for The Flash from the Justice League series. He does not use the tron glow as much.

      If you look at the DC Collectibles New 52 Flash action figure versus the Mattel DC Unlimited New 52 Flash action figure the differences are definitely more evident. DC Collectibles based their version of the Flash on Jim Lee’s designs and Mattel used Francis Manapul’s as the inspiration for theirs.

      1. Kyer

        I knew *something* looked different, but kept getting distracted by the derpy look on the Mattel. (Hey! I think I just came up with a new fighting strategy for Flash….crossed eyes. The Rogues own eyes will automatically be drawn to Barry’s face rather than his fists. Not that this was ever an issue.)
        Still want Artfx Superman and Domo Flash & Batman. Every time I look at Mattel I get the turned off.

  6. Mr. F

    I hate that Justice League cover with all my heart. What the hell does DC suddenly have against the Flash? Am I the only one who noticed Flash has gone basically unused in Geoff Johns’ terrible Justice League series? Let’s see…what has Flash done so far in over a year’s worth of stories?
    1) Got finger-flicked by Super Man
    2) Out-ran an omega beam
    3) Stands around in the BACKGROUND, despite being the FASTEST MAN ALIVE.

    Didn’t Johns’ once claim Flash was his favorite super-hero? Reading that dreadful Justice League comic I sure couldn’t tell. Finally got my act together and dropped that nonsense.

  7. Mr. F

    Seriously…Flash being stabbed with a sword? That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen! Flash being shot with a bullet is stupid because he can move WAY faster than the bullet can and would obviously dodge or just phase through it…how would anyone ever stab him with a sword? Why not be realistic and have Flash in a giant box that prevents him from shifting through it? I’m with Kyer on this one…grim and gritty only works if it makes sense and “giant impenetrable molecule box”, goofy as it sounds, makes more sense than “stabbed with sword at the speed of light”.


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