Fossil Flash Wristwatch

Today’s guest post is by Alex F.

In 2006, Fossil came out with a series of DC comic limited edition watches based on their most popular heroes retailing for $115. Of course they had to include your favorite hero and mine, The Flash. Now each of these watches are etched with their number out of 2000 in the back. So what happens to those low numbered watches? Are they saved for special customers or cast into the wind randomly? I have always wondered about this until I came across one, and not just any one, THE number one.

What makes this watch different from the other DC comic limited edition watches was the rectangular shape of the body rather than the standard circular shape. The logo and face of the watch is red striped background with a smaller white circle in the middle. Instead of a flat watch face the lightning bolt is raised above the white circle. Instead of numbers on the face each replaced with small white dots. The result is a textured watch face with minute details layered in the simplistic logo. Since this is a metal watch it does come with some heft.


2 thoughts on “Fossil Flash Wristwatch

  1. Kyer

    You didn’t say where you got it from? Or was it just the photos at a website? (Now I’m curious as to who gets the first few of numbered items!)


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