Quick Hit: Superman Unbound to feature Flashpoint Sneak Peek

Flashpoint #1 Cover (first look)Spinoff Online reports that among the special features included in the upcoming Superman Unbound animated feature is a preview of the next film in the series, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

I’m still of mixed feelings on this. On one hand, we finally get a Flash-centric animated feature. On the other hand, it’s basically a Flash/Batman story (and personally I didn’t like Flashpoint itself much), and now the Flash has even been demoted from the title.

As far as adapting a reboot? Most of the story isn’t about rebooting, and I still think that the conversion to the New 52 was tacked on at the end. Back when this was first hinted at last April, I noted that if you take out that double-page spread with Pandora and change the costumes in the epilogue, Flashpoint is back to being a standalone story.


9 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Superman Unbound to feature Flashpoint Sneak Peek

  1. Tony Laplume

    Well, it is a standalone, Barry Allen’s last great encounter with the original Reverse Flash. If Batman is featured in the movie, it’s because people enjoyed that part of the event more than some of the other elements. I personally loved Flashpoint. (Although the original Flashpoint still needs some loving.)

      1. Kyer

        I wish he’d have described it like that back before issue 1 first came out. Would rather have had the excitement dulled *before* it became apparent further in just how that story was not about Flashes. I’m steering clear of it as well.
        *May* get this Superman. It depends. I saw some scans of that last Batman dvd and was horrified at how graphic the violence was with Joker and his missing eye. (Unfortunately, the missing eye was figured prominently in the heading for the scan so it wasn’t like I could avoid it even not watching any clips. There should be some sort of rating standards on YT.)

          1. Kyer

            (?) Must have been something happening at home or work at the time that I totally missed that. (Probably when the roaches first made their initial invasion plans.) I remember not realizing for certain until either the second or third issue reviews came out.

            Speaking of clueless:
            Warner Brothers, however, was confused (by the announcement that Alan Scott would be gay): did this mean that star Ryan Reynolds, who played Hal Jordan in the 2011 film adaptation of “Green Lantern,” would be gay?

            “Geoff (Johns) had to go in and explain that there were lots of Green Lanterns, and this was just one of them,” Robinson said. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=44056
            It’s kind of scary that the people who are the bosses of DC seem to be clueless about this property they own. Not surprising because I see this sort of thing where I work…and it always causes problems.

  2. Nick!

    It makes sense given that the previous cartoons which have promoted a character that wasn’t Batman or Superman were somewhat lackluster in sales. And considering the large amount of characters who Barry recruits during Flashpoint, the ‘Justice League’ name works. Not to terribly different on how ‘New Frontier’ was basically a Green Lantern/Flash story, but was labeled as ‘Justice League’


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