This Week: Injustice, Major Disaster, Mercury Falling

Injustice: Gods Among Us #13The Flash takes center stage in Injustice: Gods Among Us #13 (digital) by Tom Taylor (no, not that Tom Taylor) and Tom Derenick. The series is a prelude to the upcoming video game.

In the land down under, The Flash must face the consequences of his choices. Superman and Wonder Woman have brought their campaign for a new world order to Australia and are confronted by a new hero. But what connection does this would-be champion have to the Scarlet Speedster?

Impulse #64Digital backissues include:

Flash #125: Lead-in to “Hell to Pay.” Rejected by Keystone City, Wally West protects the coastal city of Santa Marta, California, where Major Disaster plans to create a massive earthquake. Meanwhile, Keystone’s mayor finds that kicking the Flash out might not have been the best idea when the Rogues return from the dead. Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn, Paul Ryan & John Nyberg.

Impulse #63-64: “Mercury Falling” continues. Can Impulse pull together what it takes to save the dying Max Mercury? Or is inertia keeping him from unleashing his full potential? Bart says goodbye to his oldest friend in these issues. Todd Dezago, Ethan van Sciver.


One thought on “This Week: Injustice, Major Disaster, Mercury Falling

  1. Kyer

    Yeah, Injustice: I’m trying to think of when Barry ever sided with a ‘do something not particularly heroic’ approach and all I could come up with was the ‘lets let Zatanna wipe out Batman’s memories’ thing. (Note, I loathed that story plot for just that reason alone. This game turns me off on principle alone. Add in that funky looking Flash getup and its a no-winner.)
    Wally in California! That entire arc is arguably my favorite Waid story. Even the annual tie-in to was good.
    Mercury Falling. Okay. I preferred his more fun books without the threatening death of Max overhanging everything. Still loads better than Fastest Man Alive though.

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