Will Raven Choose the Titans…or Trigon? (Review of Teen Titans #20)

Teen Titans 20 coverAfter last issue’s events, New York’s Times Square is in shambles.  Two dozen people trying to secure the area after the battle died with just a simple thought (“drop dead”) from Psimon.  What more can go wrong?  And, will Raven choose to fight alongside the Teen Titans or side with her father Trigon?  That’s the starting point for issue #20 of Teen Titans, which does a good job of pushing forward the New 52 version of the battle between the Titans and perhaps their most infamous opponent.


In the aftermath of last issue’s events, Solstice confronts Psimon.  But, before Psimon can utter those devastating words to her, Kid Flash intervenes, pummeling Psimon until being pulled back by Superboy.  Their brief exchange afterward effectively captures Bart’s uncertainty about himself and his place in the Titans.  Raven begins a conversation with the Titans, while Trigon watches from afar.  We learn about Trigon’s own history in the New 52, how he came to this point and why Raven is so important to him and his plans.  We also get a history of Raven and learn a bit about what happened to her after she was delivered to Trigon by the Phantom Stranger.  Whether Raven is truly siding with the Titans or simply using them is something we will still have to see.  As for Trigon, well let’s just say that he doesn’t appreciate his daughter looking for help outside the family.  This story arc is far from over…

Scott Lobdell continues to write an excellent story here, with pencils by Eddy Barrows and Patrick Zircher.  Colors are provided by Zircher and by Eber Ferreira.  There was quite a bit of exposition here, but no more than needed to set the stage for what Trigon is planning next.  This is certainly a story arc well worth checking out.  Raven’s new look is beginning to grow on me, and her introduction to the Titans is a definite plus for the series.  I’m glad to see the direction Teen Titans is taking here – it is worth more than a second look.  Don’t miss it!


One thought on “Will Raven Choose the Titans…or Trigon? (Review of Teen Titans #20)

  1. Kyer

    If anyone is interested, it would appear that they kill off Jessie Quick in Injustice #20.
    Why are we supposed to love that game/comic again?


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